It’s about that time, team! Another year has come to an end (this one went FAST). And since I still consider myself something of a blogger, it’s wrap-up time. I decided that we should do the best of the blog. Take a walk down memory lane and all that. Which as you’ll see is more of a best of what I got done sort of thing. Some months I literally didn’t blog at all. So, yeah. Let’s get started, shall we!

Best of the Blog: 2019 Edition


There was no real clear competition here, I did a new year post, an outfit post and a recipe. That’s it. January, hitting the blog hard. Not really. So, after deciding that picking just one post per month would be way too difficult, I chose two. These are my choices for January. An outfit and a recipe, because what else are January’s for if not wearing clothes you love and eating food that’s easy and delicious.

Plus Size ASOS Black Mini Dress - Suger Coat It


In February, it was about challenging ourselves and the way we are with each other. Again, there were only three posts, and I could have easily picked them all. But since two is the number per month I randomly selected (one was too hard); here we are.


Well, despite it being my birthday AND that we took a cruise in the final few days, there is very little to write home about in March. Two pots total which I guess, by default, makes them the best. At this stage, I was pretty into YouTube for the majority of my viewing, so that is represented, and I was starting to feel a little like myself when I started cooking again.

Women in business on youtube - Suger Coat It


Did not complete… Haha. Sorry, no posts in April. 


Again with the two post month! An improvement, though, for sure from ZERO. This month I ranted about Australian Fashion Week (along with every other plus-size woman in Australia). Then, I talked about big energy and how those of us with it have to be able to manage it for good. Direct it? Yeah, direct that energy for good. Powerful women gather, and all that.


The middle of the year was clearly when I hit my stride… I had actual multiple choices this month. There was even an outfit post. When I had completely missed April, I was determined to be less hard on myself about the volume of posts. It is what it is. The year I have had in terms of work and being generally busy, I’m surprised I blogged at all.

But, I remember it was around this time that I thought maybe I would get back into it. Create some stuff for me again. Blog because I wanted to, nit because I should. And I think it shows. Not only because I put up more posts, but there was a lot of drafts in the folder. Back in the swing of it, let’s see how that goes, shall we? Haha.

Woman hides behind a large bunch of balloons - text reads Ten ways to lift your mood.


Being only a few months off the year working for myself, I was reviewing a lot of ‘stuff’ in July. It was about what I was doing, what I was wearing and acknowledging that my life LOOKS different now. And not just from the outside either. A lot of things had changed by this point in the year. This was a way for me to take stock of that, I think. It feels reflective, but also celebratory. I have this life that I designed for myself, and I get to live it every single day. It’s insane. I’m so insanely proud.

Work from Home Routine - Suger Coat It


August I wrote the one post about body image. About how often we find ourselves feeling less than when our body isn’t performing. I’d been injured and sore, tired and feeling crappy and this post was a function of that. It’s a little hard to read now, but at the time, I wanted to get those thoughts out of my head and work through them a little, so that’s what I did.


I settled into this month, kicking off with an update on life in general. It’s always a good sign, I think when I have a post or two up in the first week of the month. It’s all systems go from there. This month I chose a guide for buying maxi dresses (from those I was actually wearing) and how I was changing my phone social media habits. I love these posts because they feel like the things that I enjoy most about blogging. It was a tough call though, the update post and one called things I know about working for myself were pretty good too. Worth a look if you’re reading these posts as we go.


This was the month that the blog turned TEN! It came and went way too fast, and I’m a little sad I didn’t do more to celebrate it. To be honest, I’ve felt a little isolated from people this year. Alone in a way, that I haven’t felt, I am in a lot of years. It’s nothing to worry about, just one of those ‘feelings’ that can get in the way sometimes. This time they did, but that won’t stop me trying again. Maybe a legs 11 party? Haha. Anyway, this was a great month for showing off how my photography style has changed in the last year and sharing things that make me happy on the blog.


Last month I tackled a lot of stuff, from planners to the renovations of our house and then a challenge to those holding back this summer. If I was going to point to a month where the blog had ‘stuff’ on it that I want to keep doing in 2020, this (and maybe September/October) would be it. Ultimately, when it comes to the blog and blogging, I feel like this is the stuff I care about. Things that matter to me and usually, you guys too. Less planned and curated, just more me. That’s what I learned this year. It was time I stopped listening to anyone but myself on the topic of my blog. It was time to get back to basics.

plus size woman on a pink flamingo pool float celebrates happily


As we wrapped up the year, there wasn’t a lot to see on the blog. With a few good months under my belt, a load of work on, and the silly season upon us, I was okay with that. December is a notoriously bad time for blog traffic (for me, I don’t gift guide). So, I figure if you’re going to take a break, it might as well be when no one is paying attention, right? There was one post that just BEGGED to be written though. A post about not knowing what you want or where you want to go. About the time I burst into tears rather than answer a question about my goals in life. If you’re struggling with the new year/new me rah-rah excitement out there at the moment, maybe this post is for you. Maybe you’re in the same place I was. If you are, I hope it helps.


The End!

And there we go! 2019 wrapped up in a neat little bow. 12 months worth of posts, and another year worth of blogging under my belt. This year I learned that I love to blog. When I don’t, I miss it, way more than I miss posting Instagram photos or sharing updates on Facebook. And indeed, way more than I ever have enjoyed making videos (so awkward, haha). I also learned that it has to be on my terms. That I should blog about things that interest me and never on too much of a fixed schedule. This started as a personal blog, and I think it will always be that. Sure, along the way I’ve tried to make it other things, more serious or more specific, but in the end, this is what makes me happy. What more can I ask for? 

Happy New Year, team. 2020, let’s do this.

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