Planners? In 2020, Suger, but what about digital calendars? I admit it, I’m a paper and pen kinda girl. Especially when it comes to planning and scheduling my LIFE. I’ve tried, and often failed with digital planners and calendars (RIP Google Calendar) and keep coming back to a good old fashion, usually hefty, planner. I’m starting to book into 2020 now, so it’s time for me to make a choice and buy one. Wanting to try something a little different, I turned to Instagram for some suggestions.

And boy-oh-boy, you guys delivered!

By last night I had over 30 replies with either suggestion for places to get 2020 planners, or requests to share the details when I got them. Here we are. The more I checked out the links and businesses, the more I decided that it was going to have to be a post. Have a blog, will use it, right? What I’ve done is visit each of the selections and narrowed it down to nine (weird choice, but okay) planners and diaries that I loved the look of or idea behind. Let’s get started, shall we?

Planners and Diaries you Recommended

Write to Me

I love the focus of the Write to Me planners, the idea that you can take the things in your life, your schedule, your kids or family schedule and move them to a planner is something I totally agree with. Highly recommend for anytime you feel anxious or overwhelmed; write it out. They offer a great selection of week to view 2020 planners (you won’t know this yet, but I’m a day to view kinda girl). And the cover designs (image above) are stunning. Definitely aimed at those juggling a family with great month view and planning page options.

Simplified by Emily Ley

Simplified by Emily Ley is an amazing day-to-view option and is a beautiful, really functional-looking planner. This one was SO attractive to me, as I often feel that planners can be overdone in the layout which just makes me feel like I’m writing in a novel and well, I’m not about that defacing books life. This planner came SO highly recommended from the team on Instagram, and I can see why. It made my shortlist but in the end, lost out because I’m not into the wire-bound thing. I’ve done it before, but I’m a bit rough on planners so it always ends up bent and busted. But if you’re more of an adult than me, I would recommend checking this one out for sure.

Saint Belford

I had never heard of this brand before (that happened a lot to me, actually, so much fresh goodness) but there is a lot to love about the Curation 2020 planner. If you want more a journal-style planner, with so much room for planning including things like savings goals, self-care plans and heaps more, this is for you. I don’t tend to use those pages in a planner as much as I do the diary/schedule pages, despite my best intentions to do so. That said, maybe this year will be different, right? Haha.

kikki K

A bit of an O.G. in the planner world, kikki K has been doing their thing with planners for YEARS. My first planner was from kikki K and I always check out their new offerings before making a final decision on which planner to get every year. I love that they sell refill packs so you can top up rather than buy a new planner, that’s a great option. Not to mention that sort of thing comes in handy if you spill coffee on the second half of your year and need to replace it… In case that kind of thing happens to you. Just me? Okay, awkward. 

Leaders in Heels

The Leaders in Heels 20202 planners, pictured above, came highly recommended by women who own them. Can’t argue with that. And while the whole ‘girl boss’ vibe of the name isn’t my style, this is one hefty (love) planner with some great planning, goal setting and inspiration pages. This one made the shortlist of planners that I personally looked at buying for that reason. If you want something that goes above and beyond, take a look at this one.


This cheap and cheerful option came up a few times. I know that for some of you, spending $80 on a planner isn’t how you’re trying to spend your life. The good news is that with Kmart, and their cute 2020 range, you won’t have to. Kmart is in a similar category to Typo planners and diaries, which are also great. I picked up a monogrammed one for my sister for Christmas one year, and it was beautiful.

Amelia Lane Paper

The best part, I found, about the Amelia Laner Paper planners is that they offer a few options for their planners in both week view and day view. I’m usually a day view kind of girl, but I had a hard time deciding which of these I preferred. They have desktop options (soooo chunky) right through to compact and half-year versions. The covers were feminine and interesting without being too much and all in all, I loved these ones. In the end, I threw caution, and my budget, to the wind and went with the chunkiest of chunky girls, the Desk Day view option. I can’t wait for it to arrive (though I’ll have to, because I didn’t pay for express shipping because saving that $5 was important, apparently. HA).

My Mindful Year

I have a feeling that a few years ago I was gifted a My Mindful Year planner. I might be wrong, but there is something familiar about this unique planner with it’s hand-drawn and illustrated interior. This planner is designed to be an exercise in mindfulness and I love that. Offering a great week to view layout (even this day to view girl was a fan) and lots of room for activities and planning. If this planner is your choice, they contribute to charities with every planner sold, find out more on their website.

Emma Kate Co

If you’ve been around the Australian blogosphere for a little while, this name will be familiar to you. The brand was a blog first (and still is a beautiful blog, a must-read for those who love personal musings and stunning photography) based in beautiful Melbourne. So, if you want to get behind a local woman in business, this could be a great option for you (there are others on this list too, but this feels personal because I’ve read the blog for so long). Anyyyywaaaaay. The planner, right? Well, Emma Kate Co is one of the best I’ve seen. Beautifully designed, great layout and journaling pages and with a decent amount of heft. (Did I mention I was into such things? I like a planner to be hefty enough to hold its own).


There we go, team! Thanks so much for everyone that offered suggestions for 2020 planners or joined the conversation on Instagram. (Not following me, WHAT are you doing, lady? Go here). Did I feature YOUR preferred brand? Tell me all about it, I know there are a lot of people out there looking for planners too. Let me know in the comments if YOU still use a paper planner or if you’ve gone digital.

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