When you’re happy, that’s my favourite thing sings Elmo loudly from the tv screen I’m using to distract my niece. She dances to the song, and I smile that she’s settled into her visit. Elmo is right; we love being surrounded by people that lift us. Happy people are great to be around. It’s a mood. And that starts me thinking about how what I’m feeling impacts those around me.


Or even if there ARE people around me?

(hello, anxiety, this one isn’t for you).


My Dad used to say to me, especially as a teenager, that I need to use my power for good, not evil. He was talking about my energy because I have a gift for sucking the air out of a room. You’ll know if you’ve ever been around me while I’m in a bad mood, you wouldn’t have any doubts about how I was feeling. *insert grey clouds overhead* The good news is that I can fill the room up too; lift the energy or cause a shift towards the positive.


I’ve got big energy for better or worse.


Mostly in life, it’s for the better. And If I know the type of person you are, I’m sure you do too. We can charge people up, or we can pull the plug. A former boss once requested that I consider my energy before coming to the office. She knew the power of setting the tone for those around me; I didn’t even realise what I was doing. That how I showed up was causing significant shifts in those I worked with. Not always for the better.

How do I tip the scales towards better? That’s the real question. I want to be a positive influence, to contribute and uplift. How do I empower and inspire those around me by being a living and breathing example? Sure, I’m going to have bad days and bad moods. Hello, human over here. But, how can I insulate people from the bad moods without isolating myself?


I think the answer lies in being aware of yourself and what you’re bringing to the table.


Check-in with yourself and practice being aware of the mood you’re setting. For me, each of those reminders was just what I needed to touch base with how I was feeling. Being unaware of the trail of destruction you leave behind you is not going to work. Sometimes this will lead to facing up to your bullshit and owning that you are creating your own experience. Self-awareness is key.

From there, it’s always my intention to shift the vibe if it doesn’t work for me. Uncomfortable people? Make them feel comfortable. Anger or discomfort? Clear the air. I start with myself, get right with myself, and then I spread it out from there. The awareness you practice for yourself and what you’re feeling will soon be easily applied to other people. You learn to read people; to read the mood of the entire room and correct.


Practice, absolutely, in this case, makes perfect. 


Get out there, and don’t be afraid fo this gift you have. I can assure you all the people in the world that ever did anything significant (big or small) had big energy and had to learn to control it. You know what they say with great power comes great responsibility. You can cause a shift, we can, and from there, the possibilities are endless. Don’t you think? Do you have big energy or know someone that does?


p.s. High five to me for getting through this without a big dick energy joke. I’m such an adult. 

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