Long term lover of 17 Sundays reporting for duty! And if I ever wear tights or stockings, Sonsee are my brand. So when the two powerhouses decided to join forces and give you a chance to WIN an entire outfit (my dress, bomber and tights!) for their Winter Giveaway, I knew I wanted in. Because if I know you guys, and I feel like I do, I know you LOVE giveaways.

I mean, who wouldn’t want this dress/bomber/tights combo?

For those looking for sizing advice, I’m sitting around a 24 at the moment. I’m wearing the 22 in the floral bomber and even with my broad shoulders, it fits well. It is snug when I zip it up over things, it kind of gets a cropped look to it. But I don’t zip jackets like this often, so I’d rather it was a little snug, rather than the other way. Make sense?

I’m wearing the 26 in the floral wedge dress. Now, the ladies who fit the larger side of things, don’t panic. It’s not about fit, even though the material has no stretch (a little give, but no stretch).  As you can see from the photos there is loads of room in there. The length is good, even with the split in the back, so I’m glad I have the larger size even if it wasn’t necessary.


But wait, there’s more!

Short ladies or if you’re borderline on a size, you won’t need to size up, in my opinion, but as with most of the dresses in this style, if you’re big in the backside, make sure you check the sizing chart, unless you can get it down over, you’re never going to get into the largest part of the dress. Got it? Good.

Now, the tights. So I’m a pretty standard 24 and I’m 179cm tall. So, I need a decent amount of room in tights. I’m wearing the Opaque 100 denier full tights in black, in size Stunning (22/24). The short version is that the whole point of these tights is that it gives us ladies with more belly and width at our waist, thighs and legs, more room for good coverage. It’s got some magic stretch going on in there so this style is such a win! Easy to wear and comfortable.

Enter here!

In order to win the competition, users must like both @17_Sundays and @sonsee_woman (on the platform they’re entering – Facebook for this entry), and comment on the posts in response to the question โ€œWhere would you wear this outfitโ€. The winners will be chosen based on the most creative and original response.

Competition closes: Wednesday 14 June 2017
Winners announced: Friday 23 June 2017

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