I’ve been in love with jumpsuits since I picked up a black, wide-leg one from Birdsnest (was it Birdsnest? Yup. I checked, see it here in its first blog post) years ago. No more structured, pain in the ass, impossible to get in and out of bodysuits for me. I was all about the stretch and the drape of that style of jumpsuit. And when confronted with one, would almost always add it to cart.

Like this one, it’s the best. Not only is the colour perfection (hello new hair colour) but it ticks all the other boxes. Stretchy, tick! Wide-leg pant, tick. Pull-on and off design, YUP! It’s got all the things, so it’s been on high rotation since the summer weather kicked in around here. Most useful over swimwear, it’s comfortable to wear, soft as hell, and washes like a champion. One of those pieces that I love to wear because it makes me feel good.

But what about the fact that when I sit my stomach looks rather large?

Well, firstly, it is rather large. There’s no hiding that. It’s been a festive last year or so. I think we all need to start seeing ourselves as we are. As real, rather than a distorted, perfectly angled world, we tend to see through our selfie lens. This is what I look like when I sit down; no more, no less.

And secondly, you saw the bit where I said I feel good, right?

No amount of visible stomach is going to take that away from me. Lately, I’ve been pretty hard on this body of mine. I feel like there are so many ways that it could be doing better; looking better and just BEING better. And it’s hard to live with that as the conversation in your head.

So, I’m making changes. Taking more photos from different angles and worrying less about them always being flattering. Because we all know, flattering is just code for thinner, and when you’re a size 24 every day of the week, thinner isn’t a descriptive word that applies.

Let me clarify.

This post isn’t to complain that I gained weight. Gaining weight at the drop of a hat is something my body does in response to a whole range of health factors for me. It is about challenging the idea what we all have, to varying degrees, that our bodies should be a certain way and remain that way for all time.

I’m old now then I was five years ago, thank goodness, and so is this body I call home. It’s changing and adapting to what it’s been through but so am I. This is about recognising that, accepting that, and viewing yourself as you are.

You don’t need to be anything but what you are. From now on, I’m going to remember that when I berate and degrade myself in the mirror. I owe myself that much. Now, let’s get to more pics, shall we? The shopping links, where available, are below as always.

Wearing ASOS Design Curved Smocked Jumpsuit with ASOS Curve Crew Neck T-Shirt under and Holster Sundreamer Slides from Hear Us Roar 

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