Considering I was in my office this morning before 6 am, you’d think I’d be ready to roll with this email early, right? Apparently not. I got caught up making a few changes to the blog branding I had a dream about last night. Saying it came to me in a dream seems a little out there, but that’s kind of how it went. 

I’ve been bringing the look of the blog and socials into 2022 and generally tinkering around behind the scenes for a while now. But I feel like I have found the final piece to the puzzle (along with some stuff I have happening behind the scenes). But why bother, right? I post sporadically at best; it hardly seems worth it.


Well, because I love it.


I love that it gave me this ‘job’ and life that I love. It’s shaped the way that I communicate and learn. So, it remains important and part of how I express myself. Something which I feel myself coming back to over and over again even as it stands quiet and neglected on the public side. 

I know now, and trust, that it won’t always be the case. And sure, maybe there are not 100k likes or follows in my future, big brand partnerships or producing content for money. But maybe there will be space for me to find my feet again after a strange couple of years. Maybe there will be room for me to stretch what I know about myself and this thing I do there.


And yes, I am aware that this is a topic you’re probably sick to death hearing about.


Do it or don’t, you scream in the emails, do whatever you want, we’re good. But it is what mattered most to me this morning—sharing the spark of creativity, the bud of a blooming flower that marks the start of something new for me. It’s been a while since I felt free to express who I am. 

Yesterday I posted the image above to my socials, and I meant it. I think we all do better and feel better when making something. Whether baking a cake, writing again for the first time in years (go Shae!) or finding new ways to do the things we’ve always done, it’s too easy in our day-to-day lives to get caught up in what we should do; the to-do list or workload. 


But what if you gave yourself a moment to draw, paint, sculpt, bake, craft, write, sing or perform? To make something.


Thanks for always giving me the space; I hope you feel you are given the same room to create something too. If not, let me hold some open for you to fill. Consider this your challenge this week, find something that you can make, that you LOVE to make, and do it.

I was hoping you could find the time, I know your life is busy, but it will be worth every second. Express yourself, friend; it’s the only way to live this big, fully self-expressed life we’re going for over here. Go big or go home, right? 

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