Let’s talk about 10 of my favourite ways to lift your mood!

Not feeling it? I made a list! Ten ways to lift your mood, and most of them you can do right now! Because you deserve to have a better day than you’re having. You know that quote about the days being long, but the years short, right? People mostly use it about raising children, but I want to use it to remind you that just getting through is not our goal. We want great days, long as they may be. You are worthy of good moods and happy days. Especially when it might take a little something-something to get you there. So, let’s get started, shall we?

My permission slip, for you

I know what it looks like out there for you (sort of, I can at least guess). You’ve got a lot happening; people to care for, work to work on and one hundred and fifty different other things you’re dealing with – and that’s on a good day! So, consider this my permission slip for you to give yourself a break. Maybe that’s not a literal break today, but the kind that means you stop feeling bad about stuff. You’re doing what you can, I know that about you. One of the easiest ways I know to lift your mood is to remind myself I’m doing the best I can. Give it a try and see. You might just find that all you really needed to do was exhale all that pressure; I know that worked for me.

You are my sunshine!

I’m going to say it, it’s generic AF, but sunshine. Get some sun. Easier said than done for some of us (hello, there is sunshine here, even in peak winter). But find a spot, and just be there for a moment. There are all kinds of reasons that Vitamin D is good for you; don’t believe me, check this article out. Start your day off right and get some rays. I get my mine just laying in bed in the morning. We ditched the blinds in our house when we purchased it (so old, so gross) and have never replaced them. In winter, I wake to the most delicious beams of sunshine across my body; highly recommend.

Try not to laugh to lift your mood?

Watch some Try Not to Laugh videos on YouTube, Facebook Watch, Instagram… Wherever! Those videos are insanely entertaining. My nephews love the ‘Try Not to Laugh’ challenges, and I highly recommend them as a mood lifter. It’s hard not to laugh at people, pets and wild animals do a range of crazy, laugh out loud things. Not into people stacking it? Look for animal versions for a fun balance of hilarious and cute. Try not to laugh, might be the name of the game, but pretty soon you’ll be laughing and having a great time. Lose yourself to the silliness for a little while; even better results with the company of 6-year-olds.

Make something

It could be as simple as a sandwich or as complicated as writing the next great work of fiction. But next time you’re feeling a little meh, try making something. There’s something really uplifting about looking at something you’ve made. Lifting your mood can be as simple as that. Take yourself out of what you’re doing and make something. Let the act of doing, the whole process fo it, lift your mood.  For me, it’s usually to write something or take some photos. There are times that I cook and others when I just doodle in notebooks with markers because it calms me. What’s your thing? Not sure about that; we all have something, keep looking.

Embrace the worst of things

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know one of my favourite things to do is to picture the VERY worst thing that could possibly ever happen. It’s a game. When things are weighing you down or when it feels like it could ALL go bad imagine the worst possible way it could go badly. And by worst I mean go as far as you can, picture the literal worst thing until it makes you laugh. If you don’t feel better, you haven’t gone far enough, trust me.

Wine and dine yourself

In the vein of the whole ‘treat yo-self thing, you’re not going to want to miss out on this one. Do something nice for yourself; whatever floats your boat. I love dining out, visits to a cafe and move nights but you need to do you. Maybe for you, it’s a solo trip to the beach or a few hours in your favourite corner of a library or museum. I know there’s something you love to do, but you never get around to it. Do that. Book out a spot in your diary and date yourself. Trust me, even planning it can lift your mood in an instant.

Surround yourself with mood lifting people

I’m luckier than most in this regard. I have a fantastic family, which means a full, wide circle of people I can reach out to when I need a lift. Whatever my mood needs, I have people who can deliver it; inspiring, funny, loving, kind and my personal favourite, the straight-shooters. Maybe you don’t have a ‘born with it’ crew to call on, but even if you have to hit up my emails, find someone to share what’s going on. Let them remind you of that. Let them share their good vibe energy with you.

Get dressed and mean it

This isn’t about dressing to impress or faking it until you make it. Sometimes what you need is to invest some time in yourself. Take a little longer shower, do your hair or makeup or find something you love to wear and wear it. For no one else; just to feel good and enjoy some time spent with yourself on yourself. Sometimes, working from home, I don’t always put getting dressed at the top of my list. But I’m starting to see that spending that time means all kinds of energy and usually a good mood, all day long. So, I’m in. Give it a try.

Play a little; embrace your inner weirdo

Have you, as an adult, ever laid on the grass and stared at the sky? What about jumping on a trampoline or sliding down a slide? If you want to lift your mood, then acting like a kid for a little while always helps me. When my nieces and nephews come over to make their YouTube videos, we have so much fun. Even with the chaos and occasional yelling, it never fails to put a smile on my face to play with them. Rediscover that kid in you and let them out for a while.

Move it Move it

When all else fails, get that butt moving! This point is as simple as getting some exercise to trigger all those happy vibes. Don’t take it too seriously, just do something you love. Go for a walk, a run or dance around your living room. Lift some heavy things or stretch in a yoga session. All it really takes is a fifteen-minute block, and your whole world could change. (Or maybe it won’t, but hey, you tried).


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*This is not advice meant to replace medical advice. Seriously, if you’re not feeling good and your low mood is persistent, talk to your GP as soon as you can. Take care of yourself; you’re important to us.

Photos by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

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