You know the whole concept of the CEO outfit, right? The one look that you can pull on day after day. I wrote about considering a personal uniform here, and for some of you, it was a little meh, because a) who wants to be like Mark Zuckerberg anyway. But b) we express ourselves through fashion, so why restrict yourself to wearing the same thing over and over?

Good question, team.

My thoughts are that there is a time and place for everything. When I need to get dressed be out the door, I love a uniform. When I’m dressing for myself and have the luxury of time, I choose something else. Going the whole hog on a uniform doesn’t allow for such freedom, but when you’re setting your own rules, you can do what you want. I do it to simplify my life. When I don’t need simple, I enjoy myself more because of it.

But you really can’t go past the simplicity of something like this (you know me, I switch up the black graphic tee depending on my mood). Knowing that I have a few keys pieces that I know fit well, wash and wear like champions and are comfortable come what may is something I value. For you, that might be another combination of items (I have a casual stripe maxi dress that is a bit of an alternative to this outfit).

In 2019, my uniform looks a little like this…

And that said, I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this. What works for you? Do you have a default uniform like this or do you prefer to express yourself daily through clothes? You know what to do, add a comment below (or join us over on the Suger Coat It Facebook or on the post on Instagram).

Wearing GIRLS tee from ASOS Curve, Ridley High-Waisted Jeans and Nike Sneakers.

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