It’s been a while since we talked about clothes, team. Even longer since I last covered off on plus size maxi dresses. When was the last time? Can anyone remember? But this felt necessary because I am wearing a bunch of maxis on rotation at the moment. For almost every occasion, it seemed important to the whole documenting things thing. It’s not a where to buy, but I’ve included as many links as I could. Most are pretty recent additions, so they’re in stock. Some, not so much. But either way, I tried.


So, why maxi dresses, right?

What’s the appeal of that?


For me, it’s a really easy way to be dressed all at once. No mess and no fuss. Whatever the occasion; backyard BBQ to kind of formal occasion, you’re all set. Add some great shoes and whatever accessories float your boat and you’ve got a whole outfit. Maxis work for those who want to wear little shorts under their dresses in summer and are even cute with ankle boots in colder months. But surely, I don’t have to tell YOU that? You’re a woman of the world, let’s get things started, shall we? (This post contains gifted items, as marked, and affiliate links)


Plus size maxi dresses I’m wearing now!

The casual maxi dresses

This is the section where you are going to be annoyed because you can’t buy the majority of them. Sorry about that. But I live in my 17 Sundays maxis* from last year, both the black and white stripe versions as well as the black and leopard print. Phew. They’re my go-to item for casual and work and if you didn’t buy one you’re insane. Sorry, that happened to you.

In rotation with that are a couple of City Chic maxi dresses. You’ve seen the blue maxi dress in my beach photos, which is sold out. BUT, don’t panic, they’ve just released it in a couple of new colours and prints and there are plenty of them in the RESORT section on their website These are such easy to wear dresses they could really be added to the nice maxis section below. But, well, they’re here.


PQ Collection via White Haven Emporium Plus Size Maxi Dress

The nice maxi dresses

These are the maxis that are more wear them out for the evening. Add sandals with a little heel or chunky wedges and you’re good for an evening out. This is such a great option for plus size women especially because they’re easy to wear, you have options on what you put under them (anti-chafe shorts or similar for example). Something like this PQ Collection dress is perfect for dinner and drinks. Trust me, I’ve done both. SO much room for dinner and drinks. Haha.

The ASOS Curve Black Maxi Tea Dress is one that I wear ALL the time but apparently have never taken a photo in it. It’s the same as the image I’ve shared below, but longer. Sorry, team. It’s still a basic black jersey fabric but the tea dress neckline and little slits at the ankle just make it a little more special than the casual maxis. It absolutely dresses up for dinner or I wear it to client jobs sometimes when I want good coverage, to be comfortable and also look like I tried a little.

Plus Size ASOS Black Mini Dress - Suger Coat It

My shorter version of the ASOS Curve Black Maxi Tea Dress (sorry, team)

PQ Collection via White Haven Emporium Plus Size Maxi Dress

Maxi Miracle Dress in WATERFRONT – White Haven Emporium – Use code SUGER10 for 10% off full-price items. (gifted)

Kiyonna Plus Size Maxi Dress

The fancy maxi dresses

My friend, Pip owns the website Sisu and Finn and when I started taking a few outfit photos again, she offered to send me some items to try out and keep a couple. These two Kiyonna Maxi Dresses were part of that parcel. It was my first time trying this brand and I have to say that the quality was beyond what I expected even after being told to expect them to be good.

They are beautiful to wear and look spectacular on. Special occasion coming up? These are worth a closer look. I ended up keeping the navy Meadow Dream maxi dress you’ll see below. Navy is more my colour all year round, and I felt like the neck (boob) line suited me more. Having both in my wardrobe would have been indulgent, so I was happy to send the green Vienna maxi dress (above) back to her to enjoy after taking a few photos.

Another great maxi dress for special occasions is the Embody Women (formally Embody Denim), Birkin Maxi Dress. My friend Desiree has this dress in the spot print and it is STUNNING. Such a showstopper no matter the occasion and available in a range of colours and prints to make finding something that works for you easy. My personal favourite is the current navy colour, it’s so beautiful. I think it’s pretty easy to see that come to special occasions navy is sort of my thing. Haha.

Kiyonna Plus Size Maxi Dress

Sisu & Finn – Kiyonna Meadow Dream Maxi Dress – Navy (gifted)

Kiyonna Plus Size Maxi Dress

Sisu & Finn – Kiyonna Vienna Maxi Dress – Green (gifted for image and returned)

And there you go, team! A bit of a whip around my wardrobe of plus size maxi dresses. You have to agree that this is such a versatile length; especially when you go swishy and full with the skirt. Do you maxi? I hope you do, let me know about it, I’ve enabled the image upload int he comments, show me ALL the things. Otherwise, find me on Instagram, tag @sugercoatit – I can’t wait to see!



*indicates gifted items where it was weird to insert the word gifted


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