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In the sugerNEWS weekly newsletter, we’ve been doing things the same way for so long that I hadn’t considered doing something different. But what if we could do better? Add more value to your life and your week every single time?

With that in mind, I present the triumphant return of ask suger

From your questions, I will choose one to answer weekly and respond with my thoughts or suggestions. The idea comes from an old series I used to run on the blog of the same name (so original, I know, where do I come up with these things!?). 

No question will be off the table (as long as I feel it can be appropriately and safely answered). I want us to be able to have real conversations about real areas of concern for us. But not just that, share our wins and the advancements we are pushing so hard for.

ask suger will be tackling challenges in life, love, business and living as a plus-sized person. That’s where you come in! Submit question/s via the email address (above) or comment form (right there). 

I want you to feel comfortable sending your questions or comments, no matter the subject. Wish to remain anonymous? Simply use anon as your name and my email address instead of your own.



let’s go, time to submit a question (sorry, questions currently closed)

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