About Suger

I’m Melissa Walker Horn, around here they call me Suger.
Who am I? I’m your standard Millennial with a thing for coffee, wine and cheese, YA fiction and graphic tees. I’m the owner of a Social Media Agency called Chalkboard Digital; we make stuff for the internet. Married, no kids. You’ll see my nieces and nephews pop up around the place, don’t be startled.

My story is about self-awareness and confidence, which is something I wish I could offer everyone. This blog is where I share stories from my life alongside a heap of content aimed at getting you out there living your best life. It’s about changing the idea that being plus size means I must be boring, sad, unlovable and, well, lame.

There was this moment in my early twenties when I realised that I would never fit in. That I would never be the small and delicate woman the world expected me to be. So I gave up their ideal, and I gained a lot of freedom being myself. It empowered me to chose a life for myself.


your straight-talking interwebs BFF.


I’ve been blogging since 2009 and implementing digital marketing plans for small businesses since 2010. I can’t resist coffee, so you’ll often spot me in local cafes with my laptop. I love social media almost as much as I love my husband and family. It can be a VERY close second some days.

My favourite things? I love taking photos, long days at the beach, changing my hair colour, summer in general and cheese platters accompanied by wine. Once when I first started out blogging, I was sent an email by someone who thought they had found my doppelgänger on Pinterest. It was me, just with different coloured hair.

My most favourite? My family. I met my husband, and we were engaged six weeks later. We were idiots, of course, but that was 18 years ago. I come from a pretty tight-knit family; Mum, Dad, a younger brother and sister, SIL, and nieces and nephews. Plus, I have billions of first cousins. It’s literally over 50, with way more second cousins after that. That’s a good thing because family means the world to me.


That’s a little bit about me, welcome to my blog. xo

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