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suger coat it is a place where you can be inspired to create a life you love. A lifestyle blog with, emphasis on life. I believe in living well, putting yourself first and doing something that lights you up every day. Start that business, blog or side hustle, buy back your time and start spending more time doing things you love with the people that are important to you. If you’re not sure what your ideal looks like right now. No problem. Stick with us, and you’ll decide what you want from life and be on the road to getting it sooner than you think.

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Where to Buy a Plus Size Jacket Under $150

I started the hunt for a plus-size jacket because Vanessa, who reads this blog, asked if I'd spotted anything on my travels. And I had, but none that suited her needs or that she hadn't already seen and put aside. So, on Facebook, I reached out to you guys, and you...

Are basics only stylish on thin women?

As I scrolled through the street style pictures from Australian Fashion Week and it got me thinking. And no, it wasn’t the lack of plus-size representation. I’ve talked about that before. Every damn year, I’m tired of waiting for this type of inclusion to catch up. What got me thinking was the actual street style fashion and how casual and laidback it was. Planned and executed, obviously, but think ill-fitting/oversized suits, denim and sneakers, flats and basic tees.

Classic Red Wine Sangria

We’re throwing things way back here with a Classic Red Wine Sangria from the #sugerDRINKS eBook.  Yes, from 2017 and still available as a free download when you sign up for the Suger News. I received an email this week from a recent subscriber who was excited to get making some cocktails (same, what a week). And it reminded me, I haven’t done an update in a while. A long while.

Warm Up in a Knit Dress this Winter {she wore what}

You know the weather is getting chilly around here when I start wearing my knit dresses. As someone who hates feeling trapped in overly warm places, clothes or situations, I’ll only wear a knit dress when I KNOW it will be cold. And that I’ll definitely, without a doubt, need the warmth. It’s a whole thing. But I love this brief moment that my hometown turns on the winter, and we get to pretend all those winter clothes are actually useful to own.

23 Plus-Size Jumpers to Cosy Up in this Winter

The most clicks in the AW2021 trends report were to some beautiful jewel-coloured plus-size jumpers. Heading into the cooler months here, chunky, soft, cosy jumpers are in high demand; I get it. Defined as a knitted garment typically with long sleeves, worn over the upper body; jumper. You know the ones. With that in mind, I went looking a little further afield and found some GOLD.

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Life is way too short to spend another day at war with yourself - Suger Coat It

build your confidence

A big part of what we do here is build up your confidence so you can tackle whatever life throws at you, demand more and get it. If that sounds up your ally, make sure you check out the confident you archives; they're full of gold from over a decade of blogging.

you want to get a life, right?

Buy back your freedom with a business, side hustle or blog of your own. I've got a ton of posts about my journey and how I've been able to quit my job and work for myself from home successfully.

here to steal my style?

Amazing! You've come to the right place. I've been blogging my outfits since 2015'ish, so the archives are full of great (and not so great) choices for you to replicate in your wardrobe.

create a life you love.

When I say 'create a life' I mean take your life and everything that is part of it and make it look how you want it to look in all areas. Look at your relationships, finances, career and how you are with yourself; what doesn't look the way you want it to? When you imagine your dream life or your ideal day, how does it look? If you can see it's time to get to work. And if you can't, well that just means it's time to let yourself dream a little. The good news is whichever of those options you are in now, you've come to the right place. 


hey, i'm suger

I’m Melissa Walker Horn, around here they call me Suger. I'm a photographer and business owner; a sneaker-wearing, wine-drinking o.g. blogger. I love a casual ootd, my family + the beach. I’ve got a thing for cheese, but there’s no way you’ll ever catch me eating apricot chicken. I'm here for the casual ootd and stripes, and I hate fussy, overly styled clothing and ruffles. 

My story is one of self-awareness and confidence, a gift I wish I could offer every woman and girl out there. When it comes to this blog, that’s all I hope to deliver – to you, to your friend, daughter or a lady that you met on the street. And as far as I’m concerned, you have to keep showing up for people.

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