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Empowering women to own their time, confidently do what they want, and stylishly live their lives. If you found your way here, you might be into that too. Welcome to the team.

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suger coat it is a place where you can be inspired to create a life you love. A lifestyle blog with, emphasis on life. I believe in living well, putting yourself first and doing something that lights you up every day. not sure what that looks like for you, right now? No problem. Stick with us, and you’ll decide what you want from life and be on the road to getting it sooner than you think.

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Where to buy plus size pyjamas and sleepwear

Where to buy plus size pyjamas and sleepwear

We're bringing this where to buy post to you today by request! Where to buy plus size pyjamas and sleepwear for the curvy folks amongst us. Which, when I first received the request, I was like, errr this is going to be a short ass list. But, the more I looked into it,...

How to put together a cheeseboard quick!

How to put together a cheeseboard quick!

Putting together a cheese board doesn't have to be difficult. How to put together a cheese board quickly will have you whipping up a board for your next drop-by visitor, an easy mid-week meal, afternoon session, or bring a plate occasion. Aside from those with lactose...

The power in telling your story

The power in telling your story

If you're following along on Instagram, you would know that I decided to set some time aside to read last weekend. My books of choice from my recent book haul were Carly Findlay's Say Hello and her curated collection of stories Growing Up Disabled in Australia. On...

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Life is way too short to spend another day at war with yourself - Suger Coat It

build your confidence

A big part of what we do here is build up your confidence so you can tackle whatever life throws at you, demand more and get it. If that sounds up your ally, make sure you check out the confident you archives; they're full of gold from over a decade of blogging.

you want to get a life, right?

Buy back your freedom with a business, side hustle or blog of your own. I've got a ton of posts about my journey and how I've been able to quit my job and work for myself from home successfully.

here to steal my style?

Amazing! You've come to the right place. I've been blogging my outfits since 2015'ish, so the archives are full of great (and not so great) choices for you to replicate in your wardrobe.

create a life you love.

When I say 'create a life' I mean take your life and everything that is part of it and make it look how you want it to look in all areas. Look at your relationships, finances, career and how you are with yourself; what doesn't look the way you want it to? When you imagine your dream life or your ideal day, how does it look? If you can see it's time to get to work. And if you can't, well that just means it's time to let yourself dream a little. The good news is whichever of those options you are in now, you've come to the right place. 


hey, i'm suger

I’m Melissa Walker Horn, around here they call me Suger. I'm a photographer and business owner; a sneaker-wearing, wine-drinking o.g. blogger. I love a casual ootd, my family + the beach. I’ve got a thing for cheese, but there’s no way you’ll ever catch me eating apricot chicken. I'm here for the casual ootd and stripes, and I hate fussy, overly styled clothing and ruffles. 

My story is one of self-awareness and confidence, a gift I wish I could offer every woman and girl out there. When it comes to this blog, that’s all I hope to deliver – to you, to your friend, daughter or a lady that you met on the street. And as far as I’m concerned, you have to keep showing up for people.

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