FYI folks! This post contains items gifted for the purpose of content creation & a prize donated  for the same. 

You might remember me gushing all about the new season releases. Spring/Summer was looking mighty fine. Hope & Harvest were one of those brands so when they approached me about the new season items I was more than happy for them to send me a piece or two. Derrr. When we made arrangements to give a piece away, it was even better.

So let me present to you, the Hope & Harvest Grecian Dress in white. Also available in black, white or grey this dress wears like a dream. I have pretty broad shoulders which can be a problem for off the shoulder styles. There’s nothing worse than having to pull and tug at the neckline all the time. It totally kills that relaxed vibe all that fidgeting. The fabric is light enough to be comfortable but dense enough to give good coverage even in the white.

For those looking at this dress for themselves I have knotted up the hemline and doubled over the belt {you’ll be able to see better images on the belt in the online store}. This allowed me to blouse the dress a little to show off the ankle straps of my shoes and create that cute blousing effect in the top without loosing the shape. The sleeves are rolled up because, in my opinion, they just look better that way.

Grecian Maxi Dress {white} – Hope & Harvest {gifted}
Jersey Plait Necklace – via Sequins and Sand {gifted}
Ankle Strap Wedges – Big W {also available at Target}
Earrings – Errrr, I forget.


Soooo would you like to WIN a Hope & Harvest Grecian Maxi Dress?

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