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So you want to get in touch, hey? Excellent news. Check out the points below {from my autoresponder, I’m that person} before you get in touch. I know, it sounds dramatic, but I’m drowning in emails here, bear with me.


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Suger Coat It is a community of engaged and interactive readers across numerous social media platforms; arguably Australia’s largest plus size fashion blog. Suger Coat It is synonymous with joy, fun and living life well. Having successfully promoted campaigns with some of Australia’s foremost fashion and lifestyle brands, I welcome contact regarding items in the fashion, lifestyle, food, beverage and travel industries. 

Friends of the blog;

Well howdy, this must seem a little ridiculous to you. Sorry about that. Thank you for your email, I’ll reply as soon as I can (refer to those time frames above and keep your fingers crossed for me). Yours are the emails that I’m keen to get, so don’t you dare stop sending them. Love your work.

Suger Social/Work Enquiries;

Thank you for your interest. Hopefully, your email outlines what you need from me and a time frame. If not, hit reply and add any extra details you like. If you are interested in booking a Workshop spot, please head to House of Artisan to do so. For all other enquiries, I’ll get back to you soon.

PR/Gifted Items;

Yes, I am accepting items within the lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food and beverage side of things. If your product fits those parameters, and you would like to take a chance that I’ll love it, please send to the postal address in my footer. If you need a ‘delivery address’ please reply to this email with a request for that. Please note this does not constitute an agreement to post about your item/product or service. For that, see below.

Sponsored Content;

My sponsored post rate starts at $750 per post for the blog and $150 for other channels. Yes, I’m serious. No, that’s not negotiable. Yes, I’m happy to discuss further if you’re genuinely interested. Please hold tight and I’ll be in touch with my Media Kit and Rate Card shortly. If you feel your email could get caught up in the PR/Gifted section and you really want to talk terms, please reply to this email and say so.

Guest Posts/Inserted Links/Other Such Things;

I am not accepting inserted content at this time, will not be updating an old post with links nor am I looking for guest content. Thank you. But pass. I probably won’t reply to requests of this nature outside of this email. It’s been real.

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