As you may know, I started this week embraced by the sunshine and rolling in the waves. I did that because I knew the week ahead was going to be a busy one. It was a preparation for the storm and a recharge of my batteries. So, with lists and plans, I powered through this week getting what there was to be done, done. Kicking the goals, there was to be kicked, and before I knew it, it was Friday.

Even working for myself, I love a good Friday.

There’s an energy about it. Even if I have plans to spend my weekend in my office, I always make time on a Friday and take stock. I think it came from when I was a child. My parents, at the time, owned a general store/takeaway in the small farming town we lived in. Every Friday night, we were allowed to select whatever we wanted for dinner from the menu, followed by a treat from the shop. A reward for a week well done and in a lot of ways, my first practice of unwinding from the traditional ‘working’ week.

As I grew older, that takeaway meal continued, but the treat became wine or a vodka soda. No one wants to cook on a Friday, right? Who wants to even think at that point? But more and more I’m trying to remove alcohol and food from my ways of coping with things; especially stress and pressure.

I’m looking for an alternative, a new go-to. So, on the socials, I asked what your tips and trick are for doing the same. Sheri shared with us her practice of winding down on a Friday night with a bath and a glass of wine. Her tradition born of a ritual stepping from the workweek into the weekend. Some of you encouraged an early night. There were gamers and bathers. Meditators and Yogis. Some looked for positive stories on their newsfeed or Netflix. And then there was dancing!

Who doesn’t love finding a song that lifts you up for a good spin around the house? Or maybe you left the house to unwind? I’m much too much of an introvert for that to be true for me though. Haha. When I recharge, I mostly do it alone. Finding space, even in a house with just the two of us, can be difficult sometimes. But it’s essential to me being able to recharge.

Things to do to wind down from a busy week;

  • Take a bath – Or a longer than a normal shower with sudsy body wash. Whatever it is do a physical something that symbolises a fresh start for you. Oh man, if I had a pool, this would be where I would take a dip.
  • Treat yourself! – You know me, I’m into treating myself with wine, take out, a new book, or doing a face mask. What YOUR thing is, whatever makes you feel a little special, do it for yourself at the end of the week.
  • Complete your week – This one is a little woo-woo. But when I’ve had a particularly hard week, make a list of wins and losses, and brain dump leftover tasks to do later.
  • Play a game (digital or go old school) – I love this one, not as much as my sister does, but it’s fun. How many times have you used a game to switch off, decompress and recharge? I mean, monopoly probably wouldn’t help with the de-stress thing, but you know what I mean.
  • See people! My siblings and I, when the kids were babies, used to catch up as often as possible on a Friday afternoon. It was such an awesome way to check it with each other and kick off the weekend.
  • Work out – Take advantage of the fact most people will ditch the gym on a Friday afternoon/early evening and go for a workout. The amount of times I’ve been put on the breathalyser on my way home from the gym on a Friday night is crazy.

What about you?

Did you answer my question, or do you have something to share? I know there have to be more options for great practices to unwind, de-stress and get ready for what comes next. I’d love to hear them. And that, my friend, is your challenge this week; share something that does that for you, and then do it (if you can find a moment). You can thank me later for how great you feel.

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