So, you know I have a thing for YouTube. It beats out Netflix for the top spot in my viewing schedule. I watch all sorts of content from vlogs to gaming, tutorials to DIY and pretty much everything in between. Along the way, I’ve collected a rather substantial subscription list, and one of my favourite topics is women in business.  Or women who HAVE a business and sometimes talk about it on YouTube.

Women on YouTube, basically.

But, even with my extensive and widely spread interests, I have way more male creators than female in my feed. It’s a thing, the head of YouTube even said so, and they’re encouraging women to get more involved. I’ll see you there! Haha.

Anyway, back from the sidetrack, even with my intent to curate a predominately female feed I struggle to find new channels to follow. So I was thinking, maybe you’re struggling to find some awesome female creators too. And, as is so often the case, a list was born! Here we go, I might even come back and do this again for other genres;

Women in Business that I follow on YouTube


Catherine, the owner of Katnipp Insullrations, runs a YouTube channel with content around how she runs her Etsy store. It’s fun and interesting to see how she goes about creating products, what happens behind the scenes and all the fluffy cute STUFF. I’m not interested in pastels or Etsy usually, but I love watching her videos which are currently coming out multiple times a week. And yes, she may have helped inspire the desire to do a studio vlog myself; coming soon (my first attempt was SO bad, haha. I’ll be back!).


A lifestyle YouTuber, Aileen of Lavendaire sharing lots of content around personal development, her YouTube channel development and other lifestyle videos. I found her when Samara and I were first starting with the Podcast, and she had some great tips about improving your sound and all that jazz. I’ve since subscribed for her relaxed and easy to watch content that inspires me to look at everything things differently. Especially my to-do list!

Becki and Chris

You’ll have to ignore the Chris part of this husband and wife channel, but to be honest, Becki does 90% of the work for the content (they say so themselves), so I consider this a female-led content creator. If you know me and my aesthetic you’ll get in a SECOND why I love Becki’s videos SO much. I came across their channel via some photography tutorials, then fell in love with their interior design style. Now I’m an avid watcher of their vlogs (they have a helicopter, btw!) and never miss a video. They recently went a little viral from 10k subscribers to over 100k. Who says hard work doesn’t pay off?

Julia Trotti

An Aussie! I found an Aussie. Haha. Julia is a Sydney based photographer (love that!) who creates content around her business, photography and occasionally vlogs. I love her behind the scenes videos of her photoshoots, and the relief that hearing an Australian accent (they’re few and far between it feels like!) brings. If you’re at all interested in photography, you’ll love this channel. Julie is full of hot tips and suggestions; I know you’ll learn a lot.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

If you’re in business and want to grow it using social media, you need to start watching Sunny. I first came across this channel while looking for information on Periscope (remember THAT mess, lol). I didn’t have an account (that I knew of) on YouTube at the time so I didn’t subscribe, but even now I remember watching her straight-forward tips and practical advice. That’s a cornerstone of her content. Plus, it’s SO nice to see a female creator in this field, that is especially male-dominated. Go Sunny!

Mr Kate

Easily the sweetest lady on YouTube, Kate of Mr Kate is a Creative Weirdo who started with a blog, started making YouTube videos and has built it into a pretty massive operation. If that’s not inspiring enough, their content is impressive and often features other YouTubers (fun!) and behind the scenes peeks into how their business runs (see the first Office Goals series where they make over their offices). Love a good blogger success story, and the energy in this show is the BEST.

 Women in business on youtube - Suger Coat It

There you go, team. I hope you pop over to YouTube and check out these awesome women in business. I know for some of you that’s not an area of interest, but seriously, there’s so much gold to be found on these channels beside that, it’s still worth a look for you too!

You’ll love it!

And well, while you’re there, you should check me out. For a while there I was getting pretty consistent with video uploads. Made a 3 months/100 subscribers video and lost ALL of my mojo. Of cooourse. But it’s coming back. I’ve been recording stuff lately that once I get some time to edit, will be there in April. See you there!

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