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Suger’s bumper plus size fashion directory

Welcome one and all to Suger's BUMPER plus size fashion directory. After the success of the list from Melbourne Fashion Week Plus (I know some of you still refer to that), so I thought it was time to start to compile a list of stores for plus size women. So, no matter...

Where to buy plus size pyjamas and sleepwear

We're bringing this where to buy post to you today by request! In the past year or two, we have certainly learned to love our loungewear, and a big part of that is sleepwear. When I first received the request, I was like, errr, this will be a short ass list. But, the more I looked into it, the more I found some great options from big and small plus-size retailers.

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch vs. Standard iPad

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch vs. Standard iPad with Apple Pencil

You want it, sure, but do you need it? Are you looking to purchase a new iPad and comparing the iPad Pro to other versions of the iPad? I was too. At the time, I was looking to replace my 2009 Macbook Pro for on-the-go type adventures. I wanted a light, easy to manage and packed with features alternative, and the iPad was where I set my sights including the Apple Pencil.

Skillshare Classes you'll love - Suger Coat It - image by Tabitha Park

Skillshare Courses for your blog, brand or business

Skillshare, I love it. What can I say? I could happily spend the day with Skillshare courses playing in the background of whatever I'm doing. And as someone who couldn't say no to whatever new online course was being offered by the influencer of the moment, this is a win for me. And a money-saver too, but we can talk about that towards the end because I have a referral link, obviously. Haha. But let's talk about today's post and why most of you are actually here, shall we?

Size does matter in Australian plus-size fashion - Suger Coat It

Size does matter in Australian Plus-Size Fashion

This week we saw another brand launch into the Australian plus-size fashion market. Fronted by one of the biggest names in plus, American model Ashley Graham, with the locals following loyally behind. The Commonry burst onto the scene with the sort of ripples a well-bought marketing strategy can buy. It's reminiscent of other brands who have attempted similar in years gone by. Brands, which for the most part, don't sell plus here anymore. I'll let you put two and two together.

How to put together a cheese board quickly - Suger Coat It

How to put together a cheeseboard quick!

Putting together a cheese board doesn't have to be difficult. How to put together a cheese board quickly will have you whipping up a board for your next drop-by visitor, an easy mid-week meal, afternoon session, or bring a plate occasion. Aside from those with lactose issues who doesn't love cheese, right? My love of cheese is a well-known fact about me, so much so even my clients send me cheese in the mail as a gift. It doesn't have to be difficult; most of what you need to make a killer board can live in your pantry or fridge for you to grab when you need it. That's my first tip, stock your life in preparation for cheese at any moment.

Growing up Disabled in Australia and Say Hello by Carly Findlay - Suger Coat It

The power in telling your story

If you're following along on Instagram, you would know that I decided to set some time aside to read last weekend. My books of choice from my recent book haul were Carly Findlay's Say Hello and her curated collection of stories Growing Up Disabled in Australia. On Saturday, after sending the super delayed Suger News, I signed off and started reading. That day I pretty much finished Growing Up Disabled before starting Say Hello the next morning. I loved them but this isn't a book review. No, in this post I want to acknowledge the power of telling your story.

13 Sundays habits for a super productive week - Suger Coat It

13 Sunday habits for a productive week

In our house, Sunday is always used to set up our week for the big wins. Implementing these Sunday habits for a productive week has changed how we relax and recharge on the weekends and how easily our week unfolds. It's something we've done for a long time now and it...

How to measure yourself for online shopping - Suger Coat It

How to measure yourself for online shopping

We all know that we should measure ourselves before online shopping. But it's a pain in the butt. But like a bandaid, rip it off quickly and get it over with. This is my basic guide to how to measure yourself for online shopping. After all, I'm pretty into online...

I’m here for the denim joggers

How do you like your denim? When it comes to plus-sizes I have found it can be hit and miss; some are great, there are quality offerings and then there are the ones that aren't even denim at all. I like jeans and I wear them sometimes, weather permitting, but what I...

You are more than enough!

Confidence looks different on everybody

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, I wish I had that kind of confidence? Have you ever felt like everyone has confidence figured out but you? Well, team, what would you say if I said confidence looks different on everybody? And not just the body confidence...

How I became a Level One Seller on Fiverr

How I became a Level One Seller on Fiverr

When we left off in my last post, I was 45 days into my experiment. I was hopeful that a conversation would turn into a sale and asked you to keep your fingers crossed. Cliffhanger! It's been pretty much two months to the day since my last blog update. Even then, I...

Summer’s Best Cheap and Cheerful Wines

Summer’s Best Cheap and Cheerful Wines

While I have smugly advanced past the cheapest of wines, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in getting value for money. I think maybe I just drank too much of the Accomplice Sav. Blanc back in the day to even stomach anything like it these days. Haha. Recently I...

Was Mr Big Carrie’s retirement plan all along?

Was Mr Big Carrie’s retirement plan all along?

Recently I was watching Sex and the City and as a thirty-something trying to do her best to run a business, live life and prepare for the future I found myself adding up the outfit changes and designer pieces, the apartment and meals, not to mention the taxis. Sure, I...

Plus-Size Shorts for Summer; Get Your Legs Out!

Plus-Size Shorts for Summer; Get Your Legs Out!

It's that time, team, shorts season! I mean, as a Queenslander, pretty much every season is shorts season, but you know what I mean. I've talked about how to find and wear shorts as a plus-size woman on this blog before. Of course, I have; this blog is a million years...

Show Your Work

Show Your Work

Ever wonder how TikToks can, as is the case with XXL Scrunchie & Co, one of my new favourites, exponentially grow their business? How can social media sell out an entire line of products in a few hours, less in the case of those with larger platforms? So what is...

Where to buy on trend women’s shoes for large feet

Where to buy on trend women’s shoes for large feet

Welcome, fellow large footed friend. If your internet search for women's shoes for large feet has landed you here, I’m glad you found us. I know that search well. You don’t get to be a 178cm tall woman without big feet. It’s par for the course, as they say. These...

I’m learning to embrace procrastination

I’m learning to embrace procrastination

I've displaced myself again. As I mentioned in the email on the weekend, I'm having the floor of my office and the adjoining patio fished with epoxy. So, that meant time to pack it all up again. Which is, I have to say, a pretty smooth process these days. Changing my...

I’m grateful for you, Kelvin

I’m grateful for you, Kelvin

This one is easy, as far as choosing one thing every day to be grateful for, because today is Kelvin and my 16th wedding anniversary. Go, team. It feels like so long ago that we first met, and yet, not simultaneously. There we were, just a couple of kids with no idea....