Taking Shape is thrilled to reveal the first-ever First Nations designs by the highly regarded artist Elverina Johnson. A highly respected Gungganji Gurugulu woman from Yarrabah in Far North Queensland, Elverina is one of the Nation’s most recognisable and accomplished artists. Her belief is that arts can empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and restore a genuine sense of pride in their culture and communities.

It’s been a little while since we saw the collaboration with Active Truth and (a personal favourite) Bobbi Lockyer (my insta share below) and it’s exciting to see more and more of these opportunities coming to fruition. I’ll never stop saying that we need to keep pushing and need to do more to be more inclusive, diverse and interesting than we’ve been before.

Collaborations are a great way to start, but let’s also support these creators, artists and makers when they do their own thing too. Get behind those teeny-tiny micro brands, IMO, that’s where the gold is.



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The Taking Shape email goes on to say that with a shared passion for empowering women, promoting confidence and creating strong supportive communities, Elverina connected with her local Taking Shape in Cairns, a relationship that grew and lead to this beautiful, artistic collection. Enriching the fabrications with Elverina’s bold prints and traditional storytelling invites the wearer to engage with culture and country. Find out more on the Taking Shape website here.


“The traditional and very unique Australian country was my inspiration for these designs. In Yarrambah (FNQ) we are so lucky to have land and sea around us. My designs reflect the blue waters and the mussels of the ocean and the intricate designs of weaving, deep from within the rainforest. There is inspiration all around us, we just have to look” ~ Elverina Johnson


Taking Shape x Elverina Johnson collection - In My Inbox @sugercoatit

Taking Shape x Elverina Johnson collection - In My Inbox @sugercoatit


Taking Shape x Elverina Johnson collection - In My Inbox @sugercoatit

Taking Shape x Elverina Johnson collection - In My Inbox @sugercoatit


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