13 Sundays habits for a super productive week - Suger Coat It

13 Sunday habits for a productive week

In our house, Sunday is always used to set up our week for the big wins. Implementing these Sunday habits for a productive week has changed how we relax and recharge on the weekends and how easily our week unfolds. It's something we've done for...

How to measure yourself for online shopping - Suger Coat It

How to measure yourself for online shopping

We all know that we should measure ourselves before online shopping. But it's a pain in the butt. But like a bandaid, rip it off quickly and get it over with. This is my basic guide to how to measure yourself for online shopping. After all, I'm...

I’m here for the denim joggers

How do you like your denim? When it comes to plus-sizes I have found it can be hit and miss; some are great, there are quality offerings and then there are the ones that aren't even denim at all. I like jeans and I wear them sometimes, weather...

Plus Size Swimwear Where to Buy Melissa of Suger Coat It

Where to Buy Plus Size Swimwear

I'm your girl when it comes to plus size swimwear. Why is that? I'm a water baby, and living in the water requires that you have something to wear. As body confident as I am, nude beaches will never be my thing. So off I go in search of swimwear...

You are more than enough!

Confidence looks different on everybody

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, I wish I had that kind of confidence? Have you ever felt like everyone has confidence figured out but you? Well, team, what would you say if I said confidence looks different on everybody? And not...

No one cares if you're an outfit repeater - Suger Coat It

No one cares if you’re an outfit repeater!

I'm not sure I know anyone who is against outfit repeating IRL; it seems like an influencer problem to me. That's what I said to Ms Katy on her post about normalising outfit repeating. It sounds a little blunt, but you know what I mean. No one...

A letter to my teenage self - Suger Coat It

What I’d tell my teenage self about growing up

A lot of traffic coming to the blog right now is for a post about where to buy plus-size clothes for teenagers. Teenage girls, predominately, with a couple of stores thrown in that would work for the guys too. The search terms got me thinking...

Body Image Books for Girls - Suger Coat It

Books about Body Image for Girls

If you feel like you're under pressure from the diet industry machine to change your body in some way in the new year, think of how body image for girls must feel. New year, new who? Diet plans and 'get healthy' resolutions disguising less than...

2020 blog wrap up - Suger Coat It

2020 Blog Wrap Up

Here we are, on the very first day of 2021. Not me, I'm probably still in bed sleeping off a food coma. I'm sure the drink has nothing to do with it. This is past me, writing from the New Year's Eve morning with a determination to make sure we...

Gin and Prosecco Cocktail with Sorbet and Orange - Suger's Summer

Gin and Prosecco Summer Cocktail

Suger's Summer content has been a light on the ground in the past year or two. It used to be a little more of a thing around here. A function of not being that motivated to create, I suppose. But something about the warm days and long afternoons...

Plus Size Summer Casual Outfit - Suger Coat It

Do all the things, casual outfit

I'm not going to lie, I left my run, on the whole getting ready for Christmas thing, too late this year. Since sometime last week I've been progressively more stressed that my small-ish hometown won't have everything I need to be ready for...

Plus Size Sneakers with Dress Outfit - Suger Coat It

How to look ‘dressed up’ wearing sneakers

I'm team sneakers; you guys know that. Somewhere along my personal style journey, I stopped pairing everything I wore with ankle boots and made the switch. To say I've never looked back wouldn't be overstating it. Due to this excessive and...

Planning to renovate our bathroom {SUGER’S PLACE}

When we first purchased this house, we didn't know how we would go with one bathroom. Sure, only two people are living here, but we were used to being a two-bathroom home. And of course, we've managed, but with the main bathroom in need of...

Googles ‘what are bats a sign of?’

Googles ‘what are bats a sign of?’

I'm starting to think I jinxed us all when I put up my 'today has been cancelled go back to bed sign'... Sorry about that. The wheels have fallen off, and it's one time too many for people out there. I wanted to acknowledge that before we got into it today. Without...

Five things that make your blog reader friendly

Five things that make your blog reader friendly

I read somewhere on Facebook this week that list posts are passé. Done. Over. It turns out that I didn't get the memo because I LOVE to write the darn things. List posts help me corral my thoughts and line them up in neat little rows for you all, which is virtually...

Investment Plus Size Coats for all the stylish winters

Investment Plus Size Coats for all the stylish winters

Buying a plus size coat isn’t something I do every year. But, when it comes to my wardrobe, an investment plus size coat is my go-to. I want something I can wear year after year, and I recommend that to you too. So, when you’re looking for a winter coat, take your...

Where to Buy a Plus Size Jacket Under $150

Where to Buy a Plus Size Jacket Under $150

I started the hunt for a plus-size jacket because Vanessa, who reads this blog, asked if I'd spotted anything on my travels. And I had, but none that suited her needs or that she hadn't already seen and put aside. So, on Facebook, I reached out to you guys, and you...

Are basics only stylish on thin women?

Are basics only stylish on thin women?

As I scrolled through the street style pictures from Australian Fashion Week and it got me thinking. And no, it wasn’t the lack of plus-size representation. I’ve talked about that before. Every damn year, I’m tired of waiting for this type of inclusion to catch up. What got me thinking was the actual street style fashion and how casual and laidback it was. Planned and executed, obviously, but think ill-fitting/oversized suits, denim and sneakers, flats and basic tees.

Classic Red Wine Sangria

Classic Red Wine Sangria

We’re throwing things way back here with a Classic Red Wine Sangria from the #sugerDRINKS eBook.  Yes, from 2017 and still available as a free download when you sign up for the Suger News. I received an email this week from a recent subscriber who was excited to get making some cocktails (same, what a week). And it reminded me, I haven’t done an update in a while. A long while.

Warm Up in a Knit Dress this Winter {she wore what}

Warm Up in a Knit Dress this Winter {she wore what}

You know the weather is getting chilly around here when I start wearing my knit dresses. As someone who hates feeling trapped in overly warm places, clothes or situations, I’ll only wear a knit dress when I KNOW it will be cold. And that I’ll definitely, without a doubt, need the warmth. It’s a whole thing. But I love this brief moment that my hometown turns on the winter, and we get to pretend all those winter clothes are actually useful to own.

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