How do you like your denim? When it comes to plus-sizes I have found it can be hit and miss; some are great, there are quality offerings and then there are the ones that aren’t even denim at all. I like jeans and I wear them sometimes, weather permitting, but what I really want in jeans is comfort, a little bit of give so I can sit down and a whole lot of style.

I don’t care what Gen Z says about Skinny Jeans, you do you. But me? I’ll be living in joggers until a better offer comes along. (I mean, who listens to teenagers anyway, scary little things). Me? I’m team wear what you want, but I switched to joggers ages ago. I’ve been a dedicated skinny jeans wearer; I especially love them with boots. But joggers are so easy to wear, comfortable and dress them up or down; they’re a win. Plus, I have no hips or ass, and skinny jeans spend their life sliding down on me. Don’t tell me I’m in the wrong size or cut, I’ve tried all the things.


Does that happen to anyone else? Or just my flat ass?


(And excuse me, Grammarly, I do mean flat ass, please stop correcting my text to FAT ass; I can have both, thank you. Haha).

There was a time that I was team Boyfriend Jeans, and I’d still recommend trying this fit if you want a straight leg option. These days you’re more likely to find them being called Mum Jeans or something like that (hello, higher waist). Cotton On offer some great options at the lower end of the scale, Embody does a pair to a size 22 (check the sizing chart) if you can make that work. Check out some more options for jeans in this post; I updated it a little while ago, it probably needs doing again but it will get you started.

But for now, and because my head is already out of date in these photos (I died my hair copper, did you see?) enjoy the pics. They’re from last weekend (not our Valentines adventure, but still worth a mention) from my weekend, drinking iced coffee and driving around looking for someone new to go for lunch. And if you’ve been somewhere for a great lunch in the Gympie/Sunshine Coast region lately, let me know. We need some new spots.


what I’m wearing

17 Sundays Retro Sports Tee in Black (gifted, size L)

17 Sundays Loophole Joggers in Ice Wash (gifted, size 24)

Quay Australia High Key Sunglasses (Polarised)

Birkenstock Arizona Flats in Oiled Black Leather

Typo Matte Black Tumblr


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