We all know that we should measure ourselves before online shopping. But it’s a pain in the butt. But like a bandaid, rip it off quickly and get it over with. This is my basic guide to how to measure yourself for online shopping. After all, I’m pretty into online clothes shopping because going to “the shops” is a no for me. Sometimes it can be a little hit and miss, and mostly that comes down to not measuring myself correctly.


I mean, once I ordered three full sizes larger than I am.


It went that badly. But as time passed, I got better at measuring myself and thought I should share my tips with you. Measuring yourself is tricky, and if you have someone on hand that can help, awesome. You’re reading how to measure yourself, so finding someone else to help probably isn’t an option. But if it is, some of these measurements are easier to get with an extra pair of hands.

Another general tip for measuring yourself is that most retailers suggest that it’s best to measure over your undergarments for more accurate results. Plus, keep in mind that you should always hold the measuring tape level and firm but not tight. If you measure yourself, it can help to position yourself in front of a full-length mirror so you can assess if the tape is level or not.


The big three of how to measure yourself; bust, hips and waist.


Bust – The most accurate bust measurement is achieved by measuring under your arms and over your bust. If holding the tape is tricky, it can be easier to tie a piece of string around you and then measure the string on a flat surface. This is one of the measurements that if you can get someone to do this for you while you hold your arms out to the side-even better!

Waist – Measure around your natural waistline. A way I do this, as someone without a huge variance in waist/hip measurements, is loosely hold the tape under your bust and let it fall. It will land at the start of your hips. You can see, too, that I’m really long in the torso, so normal suggestions for locating the waist place it way higher than it naturally occurs. You might be the same, or maybe you’re normal (lol).

Hip – Measure around the fullest part of your hips, usually about 20cm down from your waistline. If you’ve got a larger belly sitting or hanging a little lower, make sure you include it in the measurements. Realistically, if it’s going to fit inside of that area of the clothing, include it.


How to measure yourself for online shopping - Suger Coat It


There are some great resources online with video content, including this one, if you are still a little stuck on where and how to measure yourself.  This is meant to be a speedy and easy guide to getting the measurements yourself. What about you; do you have any suggestions on how to make this easier? Let us know in the comments.


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Measuring yourself for online shopping - Suger Coat It

Measuring yourself for online shopping - Suger Coat It

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