Where to buy plus size pyjamas and sleepwear for the curvy folks amongst us. We’re bringing this where to buy post to you today by request! In the past year or two, we have certainly learned to love our loungewear, and a big part of that is sleepwear. When I first received the request, I was like, errr, this will be a short ass list. But, the more I looked into it, the more I found some great options from big and small plus-size retailers.

Yes, I know I’ve said multiple times that I wasn’t that into the Where to Buy style posts. But, to be honest, they’re growing on me. Especially when we start looking for things like sleepwear which I’ve never even considered doing. Or was surprised to find a bunch of options I’d never considered before. While that happens, I’m in. Don’t come for me. Haha.


Sleepwear, what does that mean, right?


In the past year or two, we have seen a huge amount of loungewear hit the market. This isn’t necessarily that, even though there is some crossover. What we are talking about is good, old fashioned plus size pyjamas. PJs and nighties (nightgowns for the non-Australians). It’s not just loungewear that crosses over into this category either. There are plus size lingerie based pieces like teddies and camisole nighties, but again, there is some crossover. What you’ll find will depend on the retailer, but there is a good range of options here (if I do say so myself). Let’s get started, shall we?


Where to Buy Plus Size Pyjamas and Sleepwear


Peter Alexander (14-26)

I was part of the first drop for this brand and their marketing, full disclosure. I was excited. As someone who had squeezed themself into PA pyjamas for most of my early 20’s, it was exciting to see the brand launched into plus. That said, it needs more. More sizes, more styles and more coverage across the limited edition or special drops. Give us more, Peter! But if you’re looking for that Peter Alexander whimsy and fun, they do have a decent range (when writing this, there were over 50 styles listed), so head over and check them out.

ASOS Curve (12-30)

It’s in almost every single one of these posts, but I always feel like I’m letting people in on a secret when it comes to ASOS. This category covers a lot of lingerie and lounge, but there is a strong selection of items like the pyjamas in the feature image with a pick and mix range. For example, there were eight pieces in this range set that you could mix and match from. I love that level of freedom with sleepwear; I want the people at my house set, summer, and I’m hot set and the winter cozy set. At least! You’ll find lots of options at ASOS, I always do.

You + All (12-24)

Fun, fun, fun! This range is heaps of fun, has a wide selection of fits and styles with options to a size 24 and a decent range. That said, I do think, given the massive selection here, this would be a great range to expand their sizes and offer some decent choices in larger sizes. I mean, shouldn’t everyone be able to access cute PJs? That aside, there were many pieces in the range that I could see myself wearing, especially the black nighty in the gallery below. I have something similar now and adore it. This range is well worth a look.

Best + Less (18-28)

Australian shoppers will know Best and Less, and if you’ve been in-store in the last decade, you’ll know their plus-size range of cheap and cheerful fashion is pretty great. Their range of plus-size sleepwear and pyjamas is no different. Everything from cute nighties, PJ sets for summer or winter, lots of robes and accessories too. A one-stop shop for modern or classic styles, whether you pop in-store or shop online, if your budget is a major factor, start here!

Ada + Lou (14-24)

A recent addition to the Ada + Lou offering (they also added kids clothes, so cute) is their sleepwear range. Light and airy looking, these pieces give off a holiday vibe. I don’t know about you, but I can see myself and my girlfriends wearing these styles, flouncing around a holiday house and drinking cocktails by the pool. I’m sure the photos they’ve used on the website help with that vibe. Bring on my holidays later in the month.

City Chic (12-24)

Another larger Australian retailer, City Chic, has a decent size range of sleepwear and a major offering of chemises perfect for ramping up the hot-ness factor around your house. I mentioned in an earlier section having a nighty that I wear all the time, and it’s from City Chic. It’s a jersey sort of fabric with lace at the neckline (also stretch), and I’ve worn it to death over the past five years or so.  Sort of like this one, but with wider straps. Worth a look for something a little sexier than the average.

Pyjama Mania (12-24)

This is a small retailer I found during my travels, thanks to some Google Ads. While I haven’t purchased from them directly, they did have a good range of robes and more traditional style nighties. With cottage-core being everything it is these days, they could be a great option for that floaty, classic look. Not to mention some cute printed pyjama sets and other styles available to a size 24.

Big W (18-26)

The Avella range at BigW is another plus-size staple when it comes to essentials like sleepwear. I swear they used to stock more sizes? Or maybe they still do, but I missed them on the styles I looked at? Let me know. I love this navy set, the white piping is the cutest, and the other navy set that is more loungewear-based is perfect for winter. These classic styles are more up my alley, but there are plenty of merchandise (i.e. Disney) and fun styles too. Lots of great options here for every occasion of sleepwear wearing; take a look in-store or online.

Check out the gallery and find your PJ style!




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Where to Buy plus-size pyjamas + sleepwear - Suger Coat It

Where to Buy plus-size pyjamas + sleepwear - Suger Coat It

Where to Buy plus-size pyjamas + sleepwear - Suger Coat It


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