You want it, sure, but do you need it? You want it, sure, but do you need it? Are you looking to purchase a new iPad and comparing the iPad Pro to other versions of the iPad? Me too. One of the first comparisons I made when I purchased my iPad Pro last year was the iPad Pro* vs. Standard iPad. Especially when it came to the uses with the Apple Pencil. I was looking to replace my 2009 Macbook Pro for on-the-go type adventures. My Macbook Pro takes up over half the allowable weight for most checked luggage and therefore wasn’t going to work for any work travel-related goodness. I wanted a light, easy to manage and packed with features alternative, and the iPad was where I set my sights.


Part of me thinks that I should have got the new Macbook, but that is a different post.


I knew that I wanted to use the Apple Pencil, for that I blame numerous artist YouTube channels I watch. Despite not having any drawing talent and the worse handwriting known to humankind, I wanted to write. It felt old school, and I thought my love of lists would convert better to digital if I wrote them down. More on that later. So, my search started with iPads that could pair with the Apple Pencil. Easy, using it with the pencil narrowed down my choices to the regular iPad* and the Pro. (You can now access the pencil with the iPad Mini* too, more choices! I’m glad it’s not me). 


The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch vs. Standard iPad - Suger Coat It Review

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch vs. Standard iPad - Suger Coat It Review


From there, I dove into the rabbit hole of YouTube reviews, comparisons and unboxings. And that is when I believe the crazy kicked in. Not only did I see the reviews that said that the IOS still lacked in the whole use it as a computer thing, but I was unswayed. I learned the price of setting the whole thing up, and I made up my mind anyway. I was doing it. I got the iPad Pro* in the 12.9-inch screen size (From A$1,329) because go big or go home, I guess. Plus a keyboard case and the Apple pencil, of course. I was looking to replace a computer here.


And close to $3,000 later, the iPad pro was mine. Ouch.


As someone who spent the better part of four years working up to affording and justifying the iMac, that’s why I say that I feel like my senses left me. Did I need the 12.9-inch screen? No. Had I had an iPad before and found the lack of access to some websites I use for work limiting. Yup! But there I was going all-in when now I know that something a little more modest would have been fine. Better than fine, actually. This is usually my suggestion to anyone trying to decide between the two.

Even now, as I do more of my planning and note-taking on my iPad, a regular iPad (from A$499) would have been preferable, especially something a little smaller. The iPad Pro with the 12.9-inch screen is a two-hand job most of the time, so if you’re not so great at balancing or perching an item while you write, read or browse, go with a smaller option. While the larger screen is great when it’s attached to the keyboard case and masquerading as a laptop, I find it really hard to handle in that case to use the pencil. So, I have two cases, and when I’m doing pencil based tasks, I use the slimline flip case, and when I need the keyboard, I switch to the Logitec Keyboard.


Which yes, is just another expense and inconvenience.


But it’s not all bad news, not at all. There are soooo many functions of the iPad Pro that I don’t use. The impressive camera and the visually stunning display. There are new keyboards and trackpads available, and the software is being updated all the time. For me, it’s certainly an investment into what it can do rather than what I use it for now. At the moment, I’m ashamed to say it’s nothing more than a glorified planner. Would I repurchase it? No. But should you? Probably also no, unless you have bigger uses for it.

Yes, it’s easy to get caught up with the biggest and shiniest. But let’s get real, there is a huge price difference here. I’m not your Mum; I’m not going to tell you what to do with your money. But step away from the internet for a moment and really think about how and when you’ll use it. Think of the situation (including the fact the Pro will almost always need a surface) and what you need. Trust me, the comparables between the Pro and the standard version are pretty similar. Seriously, get what you can afford and don’t look back. There’s no wrong answer here.


That’s about it from me. I’m going to throw the iPad on charge and see what else I could be using it for. What do you think? Do you own an iPad or similar? Which version did you go with and why?  


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ipad pro 12.9 inch vs. standard ipad - Suger Coat It

ipad pro 12.9 inch vs. standard ipad - Suger Coat It

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch vs. Standard iPad - Suger Coat It Review

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