Skillshare, I love it. What can I say? I could happily spend the day with Skillshare courses playing in the background of whatever I’m doing. And as someone who couldn’t say no to whatever new online course was being offered by the influencer of the moment, this is a win for me. And a money-saver too, but we can talk about that towards the end because I have a referral link, obviously. Haha. But let’s talk about today’s post and why most of you are actually here, shall we?

Lately, I’ve been working on reinvigorating this blog and opening some new doors over at Chalkboard Digital (my actual business). Skillshare was the first place I looked for ways to get excited again, reset my focus and learn some new skills. I thought maybe some of you are looking for a way to do the same. Whether it is a blog, business or personal brand, these courses have something for everyone; there’s even one on TikTok.

The easiest way to find what you need is to click through the links that speak to you and go from there. The Skillshare course gods will recommend other courses by the presenters or in that category. I’ve loved exploring ways to capture more of our life on camera (whether it’s for Instagram or not) as well as personal writing with one of the great, Ms Roxane Gay (legend). But the thing that got me excited and reinvigorated to blog again was the offerings from blogger Kate Arends at Wit & Delight. A fellow lifestyle blogger, I found a lot of middle ground with her thoughtful, peacefully delivered classes. Seriously, I could listen to her voice all day!

Enough rambling from me. You get it. It’s time; get over there and explore.


Skillshare Courses

for growing, inspiring or next-levelling

your blog, brand or business that you’ll love!


Start Your Creative Career: Build a Sharp, Smart Online Presence by Sonja Rasula

Self-Portraits: Telling your Unique Story (and everything else) by Tabitha Park

Creative Writing: Crafting Personal Essays with Impact by Roxane Gay

Photography for Instagram; Capture and Share Your Life by Hannah Argyle

Personal and Lifestyle Branding: Building Your Story (and everything else) by Kate Arends of Wit & Delight)

Email Marketing Essentials: Writing Effective Emails by Kate Kiefer Lee of Mailchimp

Creative Personal Writing: Write the Real You by Ashley C. Ford

Mastering TikTok: Stop Scrolling & Post Your 1st TikTok by Taylor Loren

Storytelling for Leaders: How to Craft Stories That Matter by Keith Yamashita of SYPartners



I’ve had Skillshare Premium now for a couple of years and constantly find something that I’m interested in. What about you? Have you checked it out in the past? I feel like I’ve raved about those Kate Arends classes before on the blog. I’d love to hear about your favourite courses. And as someone who hasn’t taken part in a Workshop yet, have you participated in one? So far I’m all watching, no participating, maybe we could take on a workshop or two together. Let me know!


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Skillshare Courses You'll LOVE - Suger Coat It

Skillshare Courses You'll LOVE - Suger Coat It

Skillshare Courses You'll LOVE - Suger Coat It


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