How to save time on the things you do every day - Suger Coat It

How to save time on the things you do every day

Suppose you’re like me; your day-to-day life can be a little repetitive. Sure, we have learned long ago to expect the unexpected but for the most part, Monday to Friday, particularly, look similar day after day and week after week. With that in mind, I want to save you time on the things you do every day.

Planning the Work and Working the Plan - Suger Coat It

Goal Setting 101: planning and setting goals that work

I wanted to talk about goal setting and planning your life. But I didn't want to be one of those people pushing the whole new year/new you bullshit. You should know that from the start. But I'm all about creating my life, and I want that for you guys too. No matter the time of year or your experience of where you are right now it's a perfect time to set some personal goals for yourself, your life and go for it. 

Two women sit in underwear in a shaft of sunlight - How to stop comparing yourself to others - Suger Coat It - Confident You

Stop comparing yourself to others; find your happy

What if I told you there is a secret to being happy? Even better, it's something you can start doing today, won't cost you a cent, and with some practice, will become second nature. Great! Get those switches in your head ready to be flicked because it's as simple (and as difficult) as not comparing yourself with other people. Which, as an adult type being, will be something you've heard before. It might even be disappointing to hear.

Where to buy plus size pyjamas and sleepwear

We're bringing this where to buy post to you today by request! In the past year or two, we have certainly learned to love our loungewear, and a big part of that is sleepwear. When I first received the request, I was like, errr, this will be a short ass list. But, the more I looked into it, the more I found some great options from big and small plus-size retailers.

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch vs. Standard iPad

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch vs. Standard iPad with Apple Pencil

You want it, sure, but do you need it? Are you looking to purchase a new iPad and comparing the iPad Pro to other versions of the iPad? I was too. At the time, I was looking to replace my 2009 Macbook Pro for on-the-go type adventures. I wanted a light, easy to manage and packed with features alternative, and the iPad was where I set my sights including the Apple Pencil.

Skillshare Classes you'll love - Suger Coat It - image by Tabitha Park

Skillshare Courses for your blog, brand or business

Skillshare, I love it. What can I say? I could happily spend the day with Skillshare courses playing in the background of whatever I'm doing. And as someone who couldn't say no to whatever new online course was being offered by the influencer of the moment, this is a win for me. And a money-saver too, but we can talk about that towards the end because I have a referral link, obviously. Haha. But let's talk about today's post and why most of you are actually here, shall we?

Size does matter in Australian plus-size fashion - Suger Coat It

Size does matter in Australian Plus-Size Fashion

This week we saw another brand launch into the Australian plus-size fashion market. Fronted by one of the biggest names in plus, American model Ashley Graham, with the locals following loyally behind. The Commonry burst onto the scene with the sort of ripples a well-bought marketing strategy can buy. It's reminiscent of other brands who have attempted similar in years gone by. Brands, which for the most part, don't sell plus here anymore. I'll let you put two and two together.

How to put together a cheese board quickly - Suger Coat It

How to put together a cheeseboard quick!

Putting together a cheese board doesn't have to be difficult. How to put together a cheese board quickly will have you whipping up a board for your next drop-by visitor, an easy mid-week meal, afternoon session, or bring a plate occasion. Aside from those with lactose issues who doesn't love cheese, right? My love of cheese is a well-known fact about me, so much so even my clients send me cheese in the mail as a gift. It doesn't have to be difficult; most of what you need to make a killer board can live in your pantry or fridge for you to grab when you need it. That's my first tip, stock your life in preparation for cheese at any moment.

Growing up Disabled in Australia and Say Hello by Carly Findlay - Suger Coat It

The power in telling your story

If you're following along on Instagram, you would know that I decided to set some time aside to read last weekend. My books of choice from my recent book haul were Carly Findlay's Say Hello and her curated collection of stories Growing Up Disabled in Australia. On Saturday, after sending the super delayed Suger News, I signed off and started reading. That day I pretty much finished Growing Up Disabled before starting Say Hello the next morning. I loved them but this isn't a book review. No, in this post I want to acknowledge the power of telling your story.

13 Sundays habits for a super productive week - Suger Coat It

13 Sunday habits for a productive week

In our house, Sunday is always used to set up our week for the big wins. Implementing these Sunday habits for a productive week has changed how we relax and recharge on the weekends and how easily our week unfolds. It's something we've done for...

How to measure yourself for online shopping - Suger Coat It

How to measure yourself for online shopping

We all know that we should measure ourselves before online shopping. But it's a pain in the butt. But like a bandaid, rip it off quickly and get it over with. This is my basic guide to how to measure yourself for online shopping. After all, I'm...

I’m here for the denim joggers

How do you like your denim? When it comes to plus-sizes I have found it can be hit and miss; some are great, there are quality offerings and then there are the ones that aren't even denim at all. I like jeans and I wear them sometimes, weather...

Where to Buy a Plus Size Jacket Under $150

Where to Buy a Plus Size Jacket Under $150

I started the hunt for a plus-size jacket because Vanessa, who reads this blog, asked if I'd spotted anything on my travels. And I had, but none that suited her needs or that she hadn't already seen and put aside. So, on Facebook, I reached out to you guys, and you...

Are basics only stylish on thin women?

Are basics only stylish on thin women?

As I scrolled through the street style pictures from Australian Fashion Week and it got me thinking. And no, it wasn’t the lack of plus-size representation. I’ve talked about that before. Every damn year, I’m tired of waiting for this type of inclusion to catch up. What got me thinking was the actual street style fashion and how casual and laidback it was. Planned and executed, obviously, but think ill-fitting/oversized suits, denim and sneakers, flats and basic tees.

Classic Red Wine Sangria

Classic Red Wine Sangria

We’re throwing things way back here with a Classic Red Wine Sangria from the #sugerDRINKS eBook.  Yes, from 2017 and still available as a free download when you sign up for the Suger News. I received an email this week from a recent subscriber who was excited to get making some cocktails (same, what a week). And it reminded me, I haven’t done an update in a while. A long while.

Warm Up in a Knit Dress this Winter {she wore what}

Warm Up in a Knit Dress this Winter {she wore what}

You know the weather is getting chilly around here when I start wearing my knit dresses. As someone who hates feeling trapped in overly warm places, clothes or situations, I’ll only wear a knit dress when I KNOW it will be cold. And that I’ll definitely, without a doubt, need the warmth. It’s a whole thing. But I love this brief moment that my hometown turns on the winter, and we get to pretend all those winter clothes are actually useful to own.

23 Plus-Size Jumpers to Cosy Up in this Winter

23 Plus-Size Jumpers to Cosy Up in this Winter

The most clicks in the AW2021 trends report were to some beautiful jewel-coloured plus-size jumpers. Heading into the cooler months here, chunky, soft, cosy jumpers are in high demand; I get it. Defined as a knitted garment typically with long sleeves, worn over the upper body; jumper. You know the ones. With that in mind, I went looking a little further afield and found some GOLD.

You need a long cardigan in your wardrobe {she wore what}

You need a long cardigan in your wardrobe {she wore what}

Heading out into the world this week was interesting. It was cool enough for a coat, locally, but still warm enough that you could wear slides. Or, at least, I could. I know, don’t come for me, I’m warm-blooded, what can I say? I ran around doing a few errands, picking up groceries and reminding myself why I hate spending too much time at the shops. We spotted these doors, and despite a large amount of flora growing around it, I decided it was a perfect spot to grab some photos. Perfect may be a stretch, but we got them anyway – victory!

For the love of Docs {she wore what}

For the love of Docs {she wore what}

I mentioned on Instagram that I was breaking in some new Docs and didn’t know if I could take it. This old girl is so far past wearing anything that makes her uncomfortable; heck, most days I refuse to wear a bra. And those who know know breaking in a new pair of Dr Martens is some next level feet (ankle, heel) pain you can endure. Read the comments on the Instagram post; it’s not a “me thing”. But the other thing we know is that once you wear them in, once the leather gives and you’re through the worst, Docs are soft and wonderful, and you can live your life in them. So, you suffer. And you do it happily for the love of the Docs.

Why I’m all about living more and working less

Why I’m all about living more and working less

When I say that I’m all about working less and living more, what does that mean to you? Books such as the 4-hour workweek springs to mind or every single clickbait online ad for making money while you sleep. There is a multitude of different things that could be coming to mind for you. But for me, it’s about buying back my time. For what, you might ask? For freedom, thanks. 

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