Yes, you can wear comfy clothes and be stylish - suger coat it

Are basics only stylish on thin women?

As I scrolled through the street style pictures from Australian Fashion Week and it got me thinking. And no, it wasn’t the lack of plus-size representation. I’ve talked about that before. Every damn year, I’m tired of waiting for this type of inclusion to catch up. What got me thinking was the actual street style fashion and how casual and laidback it was. Planned and executed, obviously, but think ill-fitting/oversized suits, denim and sneakers, flats and basic tees.

Classic Red Wine Sangria

We're throwing things way back here with a Classic Red Wine Sangria from the #sugerDRINKS eBook.  Yes, from 2017 and still available as a free download when you sign up for the Suger News. I received an email this week from a recent subscriber who was excited to get making some cocktails (same, what a week). And it reminded me, I haven't done an update in a while. A long while.


Warm Up in a Knit Dress this Winter {she wore what}

You know the weather is getting chilly around here when I start wearing my knit dresses. As someone who hates feeling trapped in overly warm places, clothes or situations, I'll only wear a knit dress when I KNOW it will be cold. And that I'll definitely, without a doubt, need the warmth. It's a whole thing. But I love this brief moment that my hometown turns on the winter, and we get to pretend all those winter clothes are actually useful to own.

23 cosy plus-size jumpers for winter - Suger Coat It

23 Plus-Size Jumpers to Cosy Up in this Winter

The most clicks in the AW2021 trends report were to some beautiful jewel-coloured plus-size jumpers. Heading into the cooler months here, chunky, soft, cosy jumpers are in high demand; I get it. Defined as a knitted garment typically with long sleeves, worn over the upper body; jumper. You know the ones. With that in mind, I went looking a little further afield and found some GOLD.

Plus Size Longline Cardigan Casual Birkenstock Outfit - Suger Coat It

You need a long cardigan in your wardrobe {she wore what}

Heading out into the world this week was interesting. It was cool enough for a coat, locally, but still warm enough that you could wear slides. Or, at least, I could. I know, don’t come for me, I’m warm-blooded, what can I say? I ran around doing a few errands, picking up groceries and reminding myself why I hate spending too much time at the shops. We spotted these doors, and despite a large amount of flora growing around it, I decided it was a perfect spot to grab some photos. Perfect may be a stretch, but we got them anyway – victory!

Plus Size Jacket Boots Dress Outfit - Suger Coat It

For the love of Docs {she wore what}

I mentioned on Instagram that I was breaking in some new Docs and didn't know if I could take it. This old girl is so far past wearing anything that makes her uncomfortable; heck, most days I refuse to wear a bra. And those who know know breaking in a new pair of Dr Martens is some next level feet (ankle, heel) pain you can endure. Read the comments on the Instagram post; it's not a "me thing". But the other thing we know is that once you wear them in, once the leather gives and you're through the worst, Docs are soft and wonderful, and you can live your life in them. So, you suffer. And you do it happily for the love of the Docs.

Why I'm all about living more and working less - Suger Coat It

Why I’m all about living more and working less

When I say that I'm all about working less and living more, what does that mean to you? Books such as the 4-hour workweek springs to mind or every single clickbait online ad for making money while you sleep. There is a multitude of different things that could be coming to mind for you. But for me, it's about buying back my time. For what, you might ask? For freedom, thanks. 

Plus Size Longline Stripe Cardigan Outfit - Suger Coat It

I’ve been struggling to get in front of a camera {she wore what}

Recently I spoke about how my mojo feels like it packed up and left. Which, when you directly relate it to this blog, means taking photos of myself mostly. It's what connects me to you and ultimately does well in the general search/Pinterest/SEO world. But I've been struggling to get in front of a camera. That's the long and the short of it.

Why not have a self care weekend - Suger Coat It

Why not have a self-care weekend?

My plan to overcome the overwhelming cloud of tiredness we are all under is to encourage you to join me in a self-care weekend. That's your challenge, should you choose to accept it. Now, let's talk about that. 

Where to buy on trend women’s shoes for large feet

Where to buy on trend women’s shoes for large feet

Welcome, fellow large footed friend. If your internet search for women's shoes for large feet has landed you here, I’m glad you found us. I know that search well. You don’t get to be a 178cm tall woman without big feet. It’s par for the course, as they say. These...

I’m learning to embrace procrastination

I’m learning to embrace procrastination

I've displaced myself again. As I mentioned in the email on the weekend, I'm having the floor of my office and the adjoining patio fished with epoxy. So, that meant time to pack it all up again. Which is, I have to say, a pretty smooth process these days. Changing my...

I’m grateful for you, Kelvin

I’m grateful for you, Kelvin

This one is easy, as far as choosing one thing every day to be grateful for, because today is Kelvin and my 16th wedding anniversary. Go, team. It feels like so long ago that we first met, and yet, not simultaneously. There we were, just a couple of kids with no idea....

Googles ‘what are bats a sign of?’

Googles ‘what are bats a sign of?’

I'm starting to think I jinxed us all when I put up my 'today has been cancelled go back to bed sign'... Sorry about that. The wheels have fallen off, and it's one time too many for people out there. I wanted to acknowledge that before we got into it today. Without...

Five things that make your blog reader friendly

Five things that make your blog reader friendly

I read somewhere on Facebook this week that list posts are passé. Done. Over. It turns out that I didn't get the memo because I LOVE to write the darn things. List posts help me corral my thoughts and line them up in neat little rows for you all, which is virtually...

Investment Plus Size Coats for all the stylish winters

Investment Plus Size Coats for all the stylish winters

Buying a plus size coat isn’t something I do every year. But, when it comes to my wardrobe, an investment plus size coat is my go-to. I want something I can wear year after year, and I recommend that to you too. So, when you’re looking for a winter coat, take your...