In our house, Sunday is always used to set up our week for the big wins. Implementing these Sunday habits for a productive week has changed how we relax and recharge on the weekends and how easily our week unfolds. It’s something we’ve done for a long time now and it works for us. You can read more about how and why we started our productive Sundays in a previous post on the blog.

This post isn’t about living that hustle life. Nope, don’t even start with me on that one. This is about creating a life that you love, so if what you want for yourself is a slow Sunday with a long sleep in and Netflix on the couch, I’m here for that. This post is for anyone who wants to use Sunday to set themselves up for the week ahead. We’ve found that by shifting our routine a little, adding a few new habits, our week runs so much smoother. Want that for yourself? Let’s get into it.


Sunday habits to try for a more productive week - Suger Coat It


13 Sunday habits for a productive week


1. Try not to sleep in; try getting out of bed whenever you wake naturally. Hop up, grab your breakfast or your morning beverage of choice and check a few things off your list. I use this hour or two to go to my desk and enjoy the quiet of the morning there. Not that different from my usual routine to be honest.

2. Skip the drinks on Saturday night. It sounds simple, but waking with a hangover, no matter the size, will make Sunday way less productive and set you back for the week.

3. Catch up on the chores around the house. Booorrrring, right? But it helps to start the week with a fresh environment. Start with something simple like clearing the kitchen or doing the washing. Clear the decks; it’ll be worth it.

4. Do some meal prep; whether that means actually cooking some meals in advance or just coming up with a plan and ordering click and collect groceries.

5. Take the time to review your calendar/to-do list for the week. Make updates and changes as needed and lay it all out in a planner or bullet journal, to-do list or online calendar. Whatever works for you! Add notes or reminders now for the week ahead.

6. Open up your space and let some fresh air in. Whether you have a room, apartment or house, it doesn’t hurt to throw open the windows and doors and let the house breathe. This is a great way to start the day and a simple task to do when you first wake up before you’ve had your coffee.

7. Nap, if you’re feeling worn out or drained from the week. Another option, if day time sleeping doesn’t work for you, is to head to bed earlier than usual (no phone, team).

8. Have you considered outfit planning? If you find yourself without a lot of time in the morning, take some time out to plan your outfits for the week. Hang the outfit together on hangers so they are easy to access.

9. Practice some self-care. Sunday is the perfect day to do little multi-tasking by applying a face or hair mask while you do other things. And yes, self-care is more than a face mask but it can be a simple way to reconnect with yourself.

10. Connect with the people you love in a way that recharges you. I say that because for some of you that will be meeting up or something in person. For others, it will be sending a message or making a phone call. Whatever works for you, this is the perfect day to embrace doing things in a way that works for you.

11. This leads me to, it is okay to say no to invitations that don’t work for you. Yes, even if it’s to do nothing. Yes, even if you have nothing else planned. Protect your time, you have every right to do whatever you want to do on your weekend (or time off). This is an excellent habit to develop and bring into every single day of your life.

12. Have some fun, rest or downtime. I put this close to the end of the list because it’s important with all the little tasks and suggestions adding up it can be easy to forget to use the time for what it is (for those having a standard week).

13. Bonus points if your fun/rest/downtime activity includes getting some exercise or low-impact movement. In the same way that we opened all the windows to let some air in, we’re going to take advantage of getting the blood flowing.

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Sunday habits for a productive week - Suger Coat It

Sunday habits for a productive week - Suger Coat It

Sunday habits for a productive week - Suger Coat It

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