If an item of clothing is going to live in my wardrobe, it had better be versatile. I don’t want any one-trick ponies. After wearing a dress as a top the other day, I thought I’d share more about how. So, this post is about how to take that summer dress you love, and turn it into a top you can wear all year round. No sewing and still keeping it as a dress. I’m about to double your summer dress’s potential. If only I could do so as easily with creepers on the internet. Ah well. Because we all need a bit of assistance in our lives when it comes to maximising your wardrobe. Turning a dress into a top is a great way to get started. So grab that dress, let’s do this thing.

Tuck, it’s all about the tuck.

So when it comes to tucking a dress into your bottoms, its’ easier with a lightweight material that doesn’t add too much bulk. That said, this idea works beautifully with a knit or anything with a cocoon shape.

All I did with the example below was fold it over and tuck the bottom allowing the rest to blouse over. Done and dusted. As you can see from Nat and Jo (also below) they have tucked the front to give a different look. My post from earlier, I simply tucked the entire dress into my denim skirt. Done deal.


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Feels too short? Try leggings or jeans.

This is one that most ladies have in their arsenal. Wearing a dress over some form of pants is the easiest way to maximise your dress collection. Take a summer dress through winter and beyond. I have a slim-fit knit dress that works better over jeans than it does as a dress.

It doesn’t always have to be a shirt dress either. Midi and Maxi dresses totally work as well. I’ve worn maxi dresses over pants, predominately shirt dresses that I leave partially open. Check out the shirt dresses option (last in this post) for more details on how I make that work.

Bodycon instead of Bodysuits

As a have-er of a long torso, bodysuits can be almost impossible for me. So often, I’ll wear my bodycon dresses as a bodysuit. Especially under skirts. Once, I actually wore a bodycon under a tulle skirt to a wedding, when the dancing started later I ditched the tulle and danced the night away.

Unbutton that shirt dress.

As if a shirt dress wasn’t already a super versatile item to have in your wardrobe, this is another great way to wear it. Using it as a top or a layering piece is easy and a layering win. Open the buttons and have a skirt or jeans (or anything really) underneath or wear it entirely open has an unstructured trench.

And that, my friends, is how you tackle wearing your dress as a top. Have an experiment with what you have in your wardrobe and let me know how you go. Already a dress as a top expert? Share your best tip with me.

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