Buying a plus size coat isn’t something I do every year. But, when it comes to my wardrobe, an investment plus size coat is my go-to. I want something I can wear year after year, and I recommend that to you too. So, when you’re looking for a winter coat, take your time, purchase one, and it will last you for years to come. It’s an investment.
And investing in your wardrobe is something that I find women shopping for plus-size clothing avoid. Why? Because they assume/hope/plan to be smaller next year. Sometimes it’s not even that obvious that you’re doing it. But, it’s true; I hear it all the time. But believe me, you can invest in your wardrobe now, at the size you are, just as you are, because you’re worth it. And let’s be honest, does much ever really change?
Years ago I was lucky enough to be gifted, by a friend, not the brand, a grey trench coat that is now in its seventh or eighth year for me. It did go missing for a year or so in the middle (it was at my sister’s house). That coat goes with everything, is warm enough for the coldest days but light enough when worn open, to manage the winter evenings here that aren’t super cold. That’s my hot tip for you when you’re looking for your own plus size coat, look for something you love. Be picky. Buy once. Let’s get started.

where to buy an investment plus size coat


Harlow Australia Born to be Bad Coat

1.  Harlow Born to Be Bad Coat (also in black) |  2.  Friday Flamingo Abby Coat (multiple colours) |  3.  Birdsnest Casey Jacket


Taking Shape Teddy Boucle Coat

1.  Taking Shape Teddy Boucle Coat |  2.  17 Sundays Cartel Denim Jacket |  3. City Chic Luxe Lover Wool Blend Coat


1.  Friday Flamingo Kermit Coat  |  2.  Moke Packable Down Jacket  |  3.  Harlow Australia Last Dance Waterfall Jacket


1.  Talking Shape Paris Long Coat  |  2.  City Chic Checkmate Coat  |  3.  Yarra Trail Felted Wool Coat


 1.  Birdsnest Into the Wilderness Overcoat  |  2.  Moke Georgie Rain Coat |  3.  City Chic Bellissima Wool Blend Coat



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Plus size winter coat Australia - Suger Coat It

Plus size coat Australia - Suger Coat It

Plus size winter coat - Suger Coat It


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