I started the hunt for a plus-size jacket because Vanessa, who reads this blog, asked if I’d spotted anything on my travels. And I had, but none that suited her needs or that she hadn’t already seen and put aside. So, on Facebook, I reached out to you guys, and you came through with the links! Just as you always do. I found a few new retailers and brands that are offering some awesome stuff. My favourite part about crowdsourcing this kind of information; we don’t get stuck shopping in the same spots.


Where to Buy a Plus Size Jacket Under $150


This post is about where to buy an affordable plus-size jacket for under $150. In even better news, the majority are under $100. Some of them are available in a variety of colours in the same style. So, if that’s something you’re interested in, hang around. If you’re more interested in purchasing an investment coat or jacket, I’ve got a post featuring those coming in the next day or two. Let’s get started, shall we?



one. Zoe Moss Faux Fur Bomber * |  two. Birdsnest Boho Bird Layover with Me Cord Jacket *

three. Ezibuy Sara Active Quilted Jacket  |  four.  17 Sundays Denim Shirt Jacket

five. Uniqlo Blocktech Parker *  |   six.  Cotton On 90s Baggy Denim Jacket *

seven. Friday Flamingo Betty Blazer *  |  eight. Proud Poppy Clothing Vivian Trench Coat

nine. Uniqlo U Recycled Down Jacket (unisex) *  |  ten. Cotton On Curve Denim Sherpa Jacket

eleven.   Proud Poppy Clothing Coco Coatigan  |  twelve. Uniqlo Smooth Yarn Fleece Collarless Jacket *

thirteen. City Chic Puffa Jacket  |  fourteen.  Cotton On Curve Crinkle Puffer Jacket

fifteen.  Birdsnest Belle Bird Belle Wide Collar Jacket  |  sixteen. Yarratrail Longline Showerproof Jacket


There you go, team, what did you think? When I look around for these posts, I do my best to select a wide range of styles. That said, I know my own personal style does creep into these lists a little. So, let me know. Have you spotted a plus size jacket in the wild that we should take a look at? Where do you buy your jackets from? Are you more likely to invest in one jacket kind of person, or a buy lots of cheap and cheerful ones?


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