Looking for ways to get your confidence back? Maybe you’ve had a rough time recently, a break-up, challenges with your mental health, or you’ve had a baby, and this is about body confidence. If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you know I’ve been struggling with my confidence lately, too. Body confidence mostly, but isn’t it interesting how it finds itself in all areas of your life. And so, I decided to share what’s been working for me to get my confidence back. Because maybe they’ll work for you too.

However you lost your confidence, these simple steps to getting your self-confidence back will put you on the right path. They’re gentle, don’t worry. And not one of them suggests you change who you are. Confidence is personal to every one of us; in your heart (guts, maybe), you know what you’re doing. There are many different ways to go about this, but rebuilding your self-confidence is an inside job.


Get your confidence back after a rough spot.


Look for reasons to smile.

Sometimes when things happen to us, they shake our confidence to the very core. We don’t know who we are or what we stand for in a world that seems suddenly uninviting. So, flip that switch. Change things up by showing the world you know that good things happen too, that you won’t be kept down forever, and that warmth trumps cold every time. This is your reminder to look for things to be grateful for. All the good things in this world, about yourself and your current situation. The things that make you smile. It may sound like a simplistic way to look at it (smile and the world smiles with you), but I’ve always found truth in that. Find your smile again; it’s the secret to a happy life.


Get physical

It’s not just about those happy hormones that go pumping through the system with a bit of exercise. Getting your body moving is about reconnecting with it in a way that makes you get your confidence back. When many of us lose our confidence (misplaced it somewhere, haha), it shows up as a disconnect. Not just from who we are and what we want, but from the very foundation of us; the body that we live in. Reconnecting take practice, and practice leads to confidence. So, if there’s not something you do now that centres you in your body, try taking something up!


A little polish and shine

Get a haircut, buy some new clothes, take a long bath or generally do something that makes you feel good about yourself on the outside. That includes things like standing up straight, smiling at strangers and generally considering yourself hot stuff. For the fun of it, not because anyone, anywhere says. Have some fun with being charismatic. You are the main character (as the Gen Z’s say) in your own life, so start showing up like that. To boost your confidence, look for ways to celebrate yourself, whatever that looks like for you. Celebrate your wins, all of those ticks on your checklist, no matter how big or small.


Spend some time with yourself

You may think being alone with yourself is the last thing I’d recommend for getting your confidence back after a rough spot. But it’s not. I find that spending time in my own company helps me focus on what I need or want, how I feel about things and who I am in general. Yes, that will all be tested in the real world one day, but it helps to know where you stand before that happens. Take the time, get to know yourself a little better. When I lose confidence in myself and my abilities, I don’t know who I am or what I want anymore. Taking this time to sit with that and ask those questions always opens a door. Even if that door is just a tiny sliver of light way off in the distance, one of you taught me that, and I’ll never forget it.


Take a look around you.

Are the people around you there to hype you up or support you in being your best self? Do your surroundings reflect the person you are? For this final step, take a look around you and see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to someone who doesn’t really fit into your life anymore. We all need love and support around us, so this isn’t a suggestion to cut all ties. But look for those who support you and celebrate them. Let the rest fall away. The same goes for your surroundings at work and home. Could your desk use a tidy, or is it time to roll up your sleeves and get some cleaning done around your home? Whatever it is, make room for who you are now; it’s time to clean house.

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how to get your confidence back after a rough patch - Suger Coat It


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