On Monday, I shared a meme (I’ll drop it below) on Facebook, and it was a mood. It certainly seemed to hit a nerve with you guys too, and it’s still getting attention even now. That meme told me one thing about all of us – we’re tired. T. I. R. E. D. My plan to combat that is to encourage you to join me in a self-care weekend. That’s your challenge, should you choose to accept it and now, let’s talk about that.


I'm going to have a relaxing weekend meme


Firstly, as much as I love a good book, a face mask or a bath as my form of self-care, it doesn’t have to look like that for you. Maybe you even resisted clicking on this because self-care as a term doesn’t speak to you at all. I get that. It’s another of those terms, like body positivity, that was corrupted on Instagram. 

But, for me, it can mean any number of things that you do for yourself. A self-care weekend could be big or small, if they take you half an hour this morning or all Sunday to implement. It doesn’t matter, the outcome is simple. You must feel cared for, and you must do the caring. Why is that? Well, you know best what you want or need. That’s why it has to be you. speaking of which, you DO know what you want, don’t you?  

For some of you, that may mean going slow and cooking your favourite meal, including something delicious to start and a decadent dessert to finish. Others may find comfort in some quiet time to plan their next move. To reflect and journal, to brainstorm some ideas and get it all down on paper


Why not have a self care weekend - Suger Coat It


Whatever a self-care weekend looks like for you, it is fundamental to living a life that works for us.


We humans can’t just keep going until we drop. I can’t, you can’t; none of us can. Self-care can be rest (do nothing, stare at the ceiling or nap, rest), or it can be active, but you have to listen. When you listen to yourself for a moment (in the shower, sitting on the edge of your bed or slumped on the couch), what do you really, really want? What do you need right now? And can you give that to yourself? That’s important work. 

A short disclaimer here, my friend. I’ve been in the position numerous times in my life when I’ve been numb to that. Numb to what I want or need and to how to get anything for myself that I wanted. If that is you, be kind to yourself and don’t push. You don’t have to have anything figured out. I believe that ‘the numbness’ is a protection, and you can’t force your way through it. Go slow, keep asking, and find your way. 

Because caring for yourself is crucial. In every big or small way that we choose to do it. Maybe you’ve been taught to put others first, and this will be uncomfortable. But, with love, it’s time to get past that. Remind yourself of all the sayings about filling your cup, applying the oxygen mask first, and happy wife, happy life, and break free. 


You deserve this time to care for yourself. Are you willing to give it yourself? 


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