When I say that I’m all about working less and living more, what does that mean to you? Books such as the 4-hour workweek springs to mind or every single clickbait online ad for making money while you sleep. And no, this isn’t some passive income post. However, I would highly recommend finding a way to leverage that in your life. There is a multitude of different things that could be coming to mind for you. But for me, it’s about buying back my time. For what, you might ask? For freedom, thanks.


It’s about working fewer actual hours to enjoy your life more (with those extra hours).


You would know that I’m a strong believer that sitting at a desk isn’t the same thing as getting work done. Or that time spent equals work produced. I’m not too fond of the hourly rate, and it’s a big reason, I guess, that my work is often billed at a project or retainer rate. It’s about doing more with less time spent on the work. Not cutting corners, but streamlining what you can finish sooner.

Producitiy and time management have become the sort of catchphrase we are exhausted with hearing about. But the appeal for me has always been how do I take these tips and turn them into an extra hour at the end of the week. Or an extra day to my weekends, perhaps. And so I use checklists and plans, drafts and templates, and I do my best to avoid distraction. Always a laughable challenge in this place. And I find that without too much effort or strain, I can do the work that I need to do in about four hours or so a day, maximum.


Because yes, in my books, working less does make you happier.


Especially if you can maintain (or increase, but I said this wasn’t about passive income, haha) your income. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Working for myself, it’s easy to schedule work at times that I know I’m most productive. Some of those hours happened a solid two hours before I even started work at previous jobs. I trust myself to wander sometimes because I know I’ll come back clearer. And the work gets done. I have space for other things. For days off to do other things or time for personal projects.

But, it’s not just for those who work for themselves. Easier, though, perhaps than having to explain your tendency to wander to a boss who expects you at your desk. I know many people who have negotiated shorter workdays or weeks on the promise of delivering what they are supposed to deliver. The work gets done, and that’s what matters, right?

If you’re interested in making a shift to your lifestyle, start there. Is there a request you could make? Could you start earlier and finish sooner if that suited you? Are you able to work from home where you know the loud music and occasional kitchen based distraction that is your ‘process’ won’t distract anyone else? Work four days instead of five, two instead of three? Longer if need be or more based on achieving what needs to be done rather than filling a seat. Come up with a plan, be prepared to be accountable for it, and ask.


Because life is too short to live for work.


Trust me; there are so many better things you could be doing with your time. Quit your job and run away from home might be a little much for you, but what would your life look like if you owned more of your free time to be free? That’s the real question, right? The best news is that the answer is anything.


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