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I’m Melissa Walker Horn, and around here, they call me Suger. Yes, with an E, it’s a whole thing. I’m just your basic coffee-drinking, sneaker-wearing (cough, millennial) content creator and business owner with a thing for YA fiction, side hustles and graphic tees. This blog, suger coat it, is about living with style, confidence and the freedom to create your own life. It’s a place to document and share my style and confidence journey as a plus-size woman,  my blog and business progress and pretty much anything that grabs my attention along the way. I’m figuring it out (life? success? what I want?) and sharing my wins, losses and daily wins and struggles. And maybe if you found your way here, you might be into all that too. Ready to get into it? You can start here.

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Adventures of Fetch the Border Collie

It’s been a while since I had my heart broken

It's hard to believe that my first post about our new puppy, Fetch, is probably my last. No sugarcoating it here, this past few weeks have sucked. Big time. Skip this one if you're not in the mood, folks. I just wanted to make sure he was documented here, where all...

Melissa Walker Horn - Suger Coat It 2023

Where to begin…

I've sat down to write this update post multiple times now. It's been a while, and there is a lot to catch up on. Stuff with me, the business, the house, finding my feet after the year that was 2020 and everything in between. But then the sheer volume overwhelms...

Where to Buy

New to me plus-size brands giving big summer energy

A beach baby since before birth, I'm team summer, even if it leaves me a frizzy, sweaty mess more often than not. Thankfully, after a little exploring online, some new to me plus-size brands with big summer energy popped into my feed. Everything you need for a...

Personal, Self-Care

What I learned when I gave up drinking

I'm serious when I tell you when I gave up drinking, I hadn't intended to. One day I was changing how I ate, looking to achieve a whole host of things, and I decided alcohol wouldn't fit in with those changes. So, I stopped drinking. Now, It's been three months...

Make something even if it sucks - suger coat it
Ask Suger

Make something, even if it sucks: Ask Suger

Considering I was in my office this morning before 6 am, you'd think I'd be ready to roll with this email early, right? Apparently not. I got caught up making a few changes to the blog branding I had a dream about last night. Saying it came to me in a dream seems a...

How much I made on Fiverr in my first year as a photographer? - Suger Coat It
Working for Yourself

How much I made on Fiverr in my first year

It all started with a simple question, can I earn money on Fiverr as a photographer? Keen to get into doing more product photography, I was looking for a way to find clients and generate more work for myself. A YouTube video about a freelance copywriter on CNBC's...

Do things at your own pace it's not a race - suger coat it
Ask Suger

Feeling left behind in life: Ask Suger

A couple of weeks ago, I received an Ask Suger talking about the changes they had been going through in their life and how they felt behind everyone else they knew. And it wasn't that they were not getting what they wanted, feeling as if they were taking giant...

When did I go missing from my life - Suger Coat It

How did I disappear from my life?

Where did I go? That's the question I've been asking myself lately. How did I manage to disappear from my life? Somewhere around late 2020, I stopped documenting my life, being in pictures and outside of the weekly Suger News emails sharing. Where did I go? I don't...

In My Inbox

Taking Shape x Elverina Johnson collection

Taking Shape is thrilled to reveal the first-ever First Nations designs by the highly regarded artist Elverina Johnson. A highly respected Gungganji Gurugulu woman from Yarrabah in Far North Queensland, Elverina is one of the Nation’s most recognisable and...

Puma x Modibodi

Puma x Modibodi

Modibodi has partnered up with PUMA to launch a range of leak-free period activewear and underwear*, created to help women stay comfortable and active during their period whilst making a positive environmental impact. Awesome news for my inbox this week, right? I love...

Do you still subscribe to magazines?

Do you still subscribe to magazines?

I've always loved the glossy pages of a magazine. Not literally, the glossy pages drive me nuts with fingerprints, but you know what I mean. Whether it was about fashion or home decor, far off adventures or food. A lot of why I wanted to be a writer when I was a child...

I know all about being fine

I know all about being fine

Starting the year out rushing to get back to work with emails flooding my inbox wasn't ideal. I was overwhelmed, and on the brink of panic most days, I got on with things. And when asked? Of course, I was fine. Tired, but fine. Busy, but fine. I know all about being...

My Go-To White Summer  Dress

My Go-To White Summer Dress

It started in the lead up to Christmas. We were heading north, and I knew that meant long days in the heat or pool, coming out for meals or to sleep. So, I wanted something that looked festive but was easy to wear. Enter this accidentally oversized swing dress in...

Tie Dye Dress

Tie Dye Dress

With things around here settling in for the year, it felt like time to get back into the swing blogging-wise. Kelvin opted to have most of January off from the business (doing odd jobs here and there). And I was helping out with the extended school holiday...

Suger Coat It - Melissa Walker Horn

hey, i'm suger

I'm Melissa Walker Horn; around here, they call me Suger. I'm a photographer and business owner, a sneaker-wearing, wine-drinking, o.g. blogger. I love a casual ootd, my family, + the beach. I've got a thing for cheese, but there's no way you'll ever catch me eating apricot chicken. I'm here for the casual ootd and stripes, and I hate fussy, overly styled clothing and ruffles.

My story is about self-awareness and confidence, a gift I wish to offer every woman and girl out there. When it comes to this blog, that's all I hope to deliver – to you, your friend, daughter or a lady you met on the street. And as far as I'm concerned, you must keep showing up for people.

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