With things around here settling in for the year, it felt like time to get back into the swing blogging-wise. Kelvin opted to have most of January off from the business (doing odd jobs here and there). And I was helping out with the extended school holiday childminding while restarting my work on Fiverr. A slow start, for sure, but I know we aren’t the only ones. But now, I’m feeling the surge of energy that usually comes through late December/early January, and I’m ready to go. 


Heck, I’ve even made some promises to get out more this year which I’ve actually been keeping. 


This brings me to what does one wear to launch themselves back out into a world (albeit timidly because I’m not down for catching COVID just for the sake of it – no, thank you). As you may know, my usual casual style has been taken up (down?) a few notches since I quit my job to work for myself from home. It’s all simple dresses and bike shorts with oversized tees around here. Sometimes I forget that I even own bras with wires. Not a structured waistband to be found. All in all, it’s pretty chill. 

So, dressing up to head out for breakfast, lunch or coffee started to get a little tricky. I had older clothes, plenty of them in fact, but most don’t fit me. The last couple of years, working from home and keeping to myself led to changes in my body. I found myself stuck and falling back on the same few pieces over and over. Which worked for a while, ages really, until I got bored. And I decided it was time to add some new items to my wardrobe that didn’t come from the great selection of cheap and cheerful dresses and nighties at Best & Less.


Enter this tie-dyed wonder from Friday Flamingo. 


What can I say, I’m a creature of habit. It’s black and white, right in my wheelhouse. It is casual and made from 100% cotton so it doesn’t smother me in the Queensland summer. Plus the fun sleeves on it not only make it extra comfortable to wear but they add a little something to elevate it from the dozen and one t-shirt dresses I already own (in various states of well-loved wear). This girl knows what she likes. What more is there to say? Add some sneakers or my current obsession, Birkenstocks, and off I do. Which is exactly what I do, you can count on that!

And before I head off can I just say? Whoa, team, Kel and I are a little rusty at this whole outfit photo thing. Not just remembering to get a photo, but how the heck we used to take something that resembled an interesting one. Sigh. So you’ll have to hang in there with us as we get back into the groove of such things. But for now, enjoy the shots of this casual cool tie-dye dress that helps me elevate my everyday style with some killer sleeve action.


Tie Dye Dress with Birkenstocks - Plus Size Casual OOTD Tie Dye Dress with Birkenstocks - Plus Size Casual OOTD Tie Dye Dress with Birkenstocks - Plus Size Casual OOTD Tie Dye Dress with Birkenstocks - Plus Size Casual OOTD Tie Dye Dress with Birkenstocks - Plus Size Casual OOTD


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dress – friday flamingo (bought last year, check out their new season range here)

slides – birkenstock arizona smooth leather black (available on the iconic here)

sunglasses – quay australia hi-key polarised black (available online here)

waterbottle – yeti 1.36L bottle with chug cap (available online in AU here)


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