Ummm, excuse me, internet, but have you heard about Lizzo’s new show? “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” is coming, and I’m not sure we’re ready, to be honest. It’s a dance competition for a chance to win a spot on Lizzo’s World Tour.

Now, I don’t know much about dance. My experience ended when I sized out of the ‘girls’ tutus around 9 or 10. But I know that dance hasn’t been kind to women who live in large bodies—deeming us incapable, unable or unworthy in varying degrees. So to see this opportunity for big girls to dance played out in a TV show, celebrating diverse women, bodies and personalities, well, I’m excited to see it.

For me, Lizzo brings plus-size representation to music and entertainment with style and unwavering nerve. But I understand that by existing in her body, she has no choice for the most part in the society we live in. Held aloft for all to see, judge and discuss. That can’t be an easy position to be in at all. So, I appreciate her hanging herself a little further out on that limb for all of us who need representation in media. For those of us who might need a reminder to go after our dreams.


Check out all the details on Lizzo’s Instagram, eeekkk!



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And since March 25th is the day after my birthday, I think Watch Out For the Big Gurrrls presented by Lizzo will be an excellent addition to my birthday week celebrations. Don’t you think? Thank goodness I already have Amazon Prime. Haha.

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