It started in the lead up to Christmas. We were heading north, and I knew that meant long days in the heat or pool, coming out for meals or to sleep. So, I wanted something that looked festive but was easy to wear. Enter this accidentally oversized swing dress in white brocade. No, that’s not the word for it. 

*pops a new tab and googles eyelet fabric, usually white, starts with b?*  Broderie Anglaise, that’s it. 

It had been a slow evening at home, and I was scrolling through the ASOS range of dress offerings on a hunt for a ‘Christmas Dress’. As I’ve mentioned, I tend to lean towards relaxed, comfortable and usually in a maxi style for maximum easy-breezy. Then I spotted this dress and well, it ticked every box for me. So I quickly ordered, somehow ordering probably two sizes larger than I needed, and it was on its way to me. 

A Christmas miracle. Right? In plus, how often does it happen that when you’re looking for something, you can never find it? It’s why so many of us buy items just in case or keep them forever because we might just need them again—all fair in my books. Buy the best quality available to you and wear them until they break down to compost; that’s my strategy. This dress, this beautifully made dress, fit into that plan flawlessly. 

Soon I found myself wearing it to travel, out for dinner, with crisp white sneakers, chunky slides, or heels (I have no match fitness for THAT anymore). I can even see it with boots when that time comes. I especially love it worn casually over swimwear with a messy bun, no shoes and the warmth of the summer sun across my face. Sigh, I miss holidays, don’t you? 

This is why I decided to write this post despite not knowing the current stock levels of this exact dress. I want to remind you that trends come and go, but your style can be whatever you want it to be. Find pieces that call to you that you love, and wear them. If one thing has changed since I first started blogging, there is no go-to look we all have to adhere to. No way. The kids wouldn’t have that. Express yourself through your clothes, do it as quietly or loudly as you see fit. Just be yourself. 


ASOS Oversized White Sumer Dress - Plus Size

ASOS Oversized White Sumer Dress - Plus Size

ASOS Oversized White Sumer Dress - Plus Size

ASOS Oversized White Sumer Dress - Plus Size


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dress: ASOS DESIGN Curve broderie v-neck midi dress with empire seam detail in white (sold out) – try similar via search

shoes: City Chic Zip Up Heel (old stock) – try similar

sunglasses: Quay Australia Polarised High Key in Black


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