Summer in Queensland is an interesting, tricky little thing. The further north you get the more humid it is. The further west the plain old hotter it gets. Then head down to the bottom corner, and you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Melbourne. Fours seasons in one day and all that. So how does this girl, a liver in south-east Queensland, deal with summer dressing?

What’s the plan Stan?

The plan is to wear as few clothes as possible. The end.

Wait, that wasn’t a very helpful post! Did you want some actual tips? Oh okay. Let me do that then.

I’m serious, in summer I barely wear anything but togs, summer dresses and shorts. It’s a running joke around here that I get such a great time because I live in as few clothes as I can get away with. Hence, the outfit posts get a little thin on the ground December through February. But when I do bother, I stick to these summer dressing tips.

Light layers make an outfit interesting in summer. When you just want to wear a summer dress, a vest will make a difference to how pulled together the look is. Yet a vest is light enough, not to be uncomfortable. This is the general rule, add interest with layers of light clothing. Think shirts as makeshift jackets, tank tops and crop tops are perfect for layering. Or add hats and jewels to amp things up a bit without adding clothing at all.

Size up where you can to give your body room to breathe in the summer. For me, unless it’s swimmers, I hate anything too tight or restrictive in summer. To combat this I size up in my summer clothing; dresses get looser, tee get saggier and pants get slouchier. Cinch the waist with belts, scarves or a slim fit short or vest over to show off your shape in an oversized look.

Speaking of breathing, natural fibres will let your clothing breathe. Look for items that aren’t going to stick or constrain you, the breathe and are light enough, not to bother you in the heat and humidity. Cheap and cheerful is all good, but if the fibres are working against you, it’s not really a win at all. Spend you money on summer dressing basics if you live in a climate like ours, you’ll always get your wear out of them.

And bonus, let’s talk face. Forget heavy makeup, forget it all together if you can. Liv is always telling me to not wear makeup unless there’s an occasion to (to give my skin time to breathe) and in summer she is one hundred percent right. Plus around here, you just sweat it off anyway. Got with a moisturiser for oily skin, mascara, bronzer and get your brow game on point then you’re done.

Summer dressing, easy peasy right?

Share your best tip with us, shed some light on how you make it through summer with your fashionista intact. We’ll love you forever. Promise.

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