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When I met harem pants, I was a slow but then steady yes. Naturally from there the slouch pant, which by all accounts is very similar, was an easy yes. I love my pants slouchy almost as much as I like my skirts short and my t-shirts stripy. Which is, if you are new here, a lot.

In the new 17 Sundays SUPER NORMAL collection, which I was lucky enough to be asked to launch upon the world AND receive to review, there are pants that will make your slouchy heart swoon. You met the faux leather joggers in an earlier post, so now meet their friend, the raw denim.

These pants came to me at the same time but required a little more consideration when it came to wearing them. I feel like you all had seen my slouch pant a-game and I need to step it up a notch to keep pushing myself when it comes to my personal style. So I literally sat on (in) them for a while and figured out how I wanted to wear them. This blogging caper is serious business don’t you know?

Additional slouch in my size 22 pants (my normal size and I recommend you order your NORMAL size, per the website instructions, do no size down) is thanks to these wears while pondering. I sat in them, wore them out in sneakers and with boots. I tried them with t-shirts tucked and un-tucked. JAckets opened and closed. But in the end this, my friends, was the final outfit that I decided upon; nude heels, layer of a long half tucked t-shirt and a whispy oversized shirt as a jacket.

Slouch pant win, yes?

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Shirt – 17 Sundays {now sold out}
T-Shirt – Target Australia
Denim Joggers – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Nude Heels – Emerson for Big W
Ring Necklace – Various


slouch jogger plus size outfit with heels-1

Are you a slouchy pants fan? How would you style them?

(I love this game, you guys always have the best ideas! I plan to pinch the ones I like, derrr.)


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  • Hell yeah Melissa , you know how I feel about these babies and I’ve been looking forward to seeing you style yours… Nailed it!
    Isn’t it great that a luxe denim pant like this is now available in plus size.

  • Cindy15905

    I am so impressed with you! The slouch pant is soooo scary for me, but you knocked this one out of the park. I love the shirt combo you chose – something about the heels and black tops make it look totally put together and effortless. Good job, sister!

    • Well thank you muchly. Don’t be afraid of the slouch pant, just find some you love and go from there.

  • Mel Watson

    Yes! Love this, love, love, love! And want, want, want but I’ve already said that in your first 17Sundays post haven’t I?! Lol! =)

    • Well thank you muchly. I love your idea of styling them. VERY nice. I might have to pinch that one. 😉

      • Mel Watson

        Please do! I’d be pretty excited if you did, yes I am that sad lol! I think you have a very similar shirt to the one I mentioned?! I noticed it in a picture on FB last week. =)

        • I know the sort you mean, sounds perfect. I don’t have wedge Nikes but I do have sneakers.

  • Karen Crawford

    I would team them with a long sleeve Breton stripe tee- in a yellow or red- and a pair of Cons

  • TheLifeSheMade

    How would you style this with a flat/casual shoe? I love how it looks with heels, but I don’t really wear them if I don’t have to and would love to know what type of shoe works best.

    • I think an all black sneaker, casual tee {loose but not oversized unless you’re tucking a bit} and some arm bling or something like that would work. I like the idea of all the sandal flats etc that are out there at the moment. That Saltwater type? Those would be cute. Mostly just play with the slouch and if they are not showing off your ankle, push the cuff up, it’ll narrow the shape of them.

      • TheLifeSheMade

        Great, thanks. I think showing the ankle is the key.