Brought to you by MYNT1792

You might have heard the whispers around the interwebs that Mynt1792 had launched an Australian store. The rumours are true, and they have asked me to share the news with you with an outfit post or two. An easy task if you consider how cool the bomber jacket I’m wearing is.

Super easy. It’s been one of the only things that has convinced me to remove my 17 Sundays bomber. The other one, for both jackets, is the heat. Luckily it’s been raining on and off which has decreased the humidity on occasion, so I’ve had plenty of excuses to wear a jacket, albeit a light one.

This outfit was for a casual get-together after work one day. In the early evening with shorts on the bottom, the bomber was the perfect partner in crime. It’s beautifully made and feels like a dream to wear. Also, pretty light and easy in this weather, which is a bonus. I’m wearing the 20W for those playing at home.

Shorts with some wedges or stacked sandals like these Target ones from last year are great for afternoon BBQs or just hanging about. You look like you’ve made an effort, but it’s comfortable. Bonus points for being cool in the heat and being able to jump on the trampoline if required. Shorts are where it’s at; you’re going to loooove these chambray ones from 17 Sundays.

And then coming soon Liv, Em, and I have arranged an extravaganza in the girl gang post format. The actual plan for the sponsored post spot. It’s a crowd favourite and something I know you guys love because of the different shapes and sizes in the range. So hang tight, we had some sizing issues, we WILL be back. Until then, shop the Mynt1792 range via their Australian site here.

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