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The Queensland Plus Size Blogger laaaadies and a few of their gents got together for a Christmas dinner and drinks a couple of weeks ago. I’m a slacker, so this is an outfit post, a wrap-up post and an I love these girls post all in one. Prepare for the head spin as I whip around. Ready? Let’s go.

The outfit? Well, I kept it simple with this dress from Harlow Australia‘s FIRST ever collection. This dress has served me well for aaaages now. What’s not to love about a light, easy to wear a dress with side splits and a low-cut front? Nothing, that’s what.

Wanting to add a bit of bling, added the Nyata kimono over the top. From their recent collection, this shrug looks as good with the black dress to go out as it does with my chambray dress for a lunch with friends. Easy peasy and a perfect weight for the Queensland summer.

For the party, we met up at the casino’s Kitty Bar for cocktails. Seriously, the bar guy is going to be super annoyed I said this, they have THE BEST mojitos. Sooo good. And Mr Suger even called the process of putting it together a performance. He was right; it was cool to watch and I picked up lots of tips for next time I make them at home.

From there, we moved on to JoJo’s where we had a big table on the verandah enjoying the best breeze. It was a coolish evening, so we all rejoiced in not having sweat off our makeup by 10 minutes into the evening. Which would be the norm for the average Christmas party in these parts. Hello humidity and summer storms. It was a great night.

But you know what my favourite part was? That these women and their partners, they have become such an integral part of my life. Some of the best friends I’ve ever had are in that group. What a gift that is. I’ve always loved how the Queensland Plus Bloggers steer away from girl drama and competitive bullshit. I’ve got my fingers firmly crossed that as the group continues to grow as more ladies join us that it will continue to be that way. A support network. A resource. Friends.

That’s my Christmas wish.

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  • Norlin Mustapha

    It’s always great to have a genuinely nice group of girlfriends and especially when they’re bloggers! You look fab as usual Suger. I’m wishing I had a bloody party to go to so I could dress up.

    • That it is. And YES, them being bloggers is SUCH a bonus.

      Thank you. We are a bit the same, both self employed mostly so there’s no party for us. Lucky we know a lot of people and I’m related to even more.

  • I love seeing posts from the Queensland and the Perth blogging communities! It seems like SO much fun! I am lucky to have a few blogging buddies here in Melbourne, but I wish it was more of a community like this! (I need some close girlfriends!!)

    • It’s amazing right? I count these girls as some of my best friends. It’s the gift that keeps giving this blogging business, for sure. Get yourself well and then see what shows up for you Melbourne, I think you’ll be surprised.

  • Mandi Williams

    Well damn! I totally missed out of one great Christmas party! Well I am determined to stick around and show up for 2015 Christmas! I have just come across Suger and her beautiful friends and I want to be a part of it. As you say Sug, free of competition and negative BS…..yep, that’s me. I want to be less judgemental of myself and others. They go together if I judge one its a reflection of my internal judgement and I don’t like it.

    So I hope to keep my act together this year and interact with positive people and move past the negativity of my last two years….love you all for being there. Cheers from me, Mandi from Lismore NSW