Wow! Another awesome 12 months of challenges for the Aussie Curves ladies draws to a close. I’ve had a great time, did you enjoy following along too? I know that for those of us who were committed to taking it on as a challenge for ourselves, it continued to be that shove we needed to look outside the box when it comes to what we wear.

I took challenge flashback to mean look back at my favourite outfits or posts associated with them. I did consider choosing my favourite theme and creating an outfit around that, but this works for me, and my time poorness at the moment. Are you ready to head down memory lane?

Let’s stroll.


A post about being who you are and never losing the vulnerability that makes us open and kind human beings, about living your life online and the things, people think it’s ok to say to and about you. And it’s also about stripes. Of course.

plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-2

Pattern Clash

A favourite because it’s pattern clash! Derr. And a reminder how far you can come when you relax and go with what you like rather than what other people tell you is ok. 12 months before this post, pattern clash felt like the strangest thing on the planet, now it’s one of my go-to “style” looks.

plus size plaid jacket outfit with red heels-9

Second hand

Featuring my Mum’s plaid jacket of awesome this was the post that launched a thousand “I wish it were mine” sighs. A must see outfit because of the simplicity of it. And point toe red suede shoes HAVE to be a win. Always. Am I right, or am I right?

aussie curves runway sheer plus-size outfit-8

Off the Runway

The first ever bodysuit post on this blog. The first of many, umm yes sort of. This outfit stands out as a favourite to me because it sums up the way I like things to be simple, but beautiful too. And cap-toe heels are the best.

Valentines Day

Let’s talk about sexy baby. And we did. It was Valentines Day and I wanted to broach the subject for the first time. So I did it in my bra, of course. Talking sex, confidence and getting what you want. Probably still one of my favourite posts.

Black & White

I chose this one because it’s a classic ‘me’ outfit. Harem pants, wedges, bumped ponytail. Sure the necklace is a little more bang for your buck than normal but it’s too cool not to love. Plus as a bonus I was attending the Madame Rouge studio opening, so that’s a win.

plus size double denim outfit 17 sundays-1

Double Denim

What’s better than one denim piece in an outfit? TWO denim pieces. Haha. Double denim with a big of Suger branding thrown in. There’s a lot to love about a simple outfit that can take you anywhere and this is one of my favourites.


Talking swimming, getting active and the things that mess with our minds about swimwear. This post not only features an awesome swimsuit, but it has a ‘just do it’ element that Nike would be proud of. Well, worth a read if you’re shy about getting into your swimmers.


Last but certainly not least is an outfit that I love in a challenge theme I know very little about! Festival and I have never seen eye to eye, but I know one thing, I like dressing up like I’m going to one when it comes to a lazy weekend at home. There’s something in that attitude that sums up the Aussie Curves challenges perfectly, for me, sometimes you just have to interpret the theme, give it a shot and see what happens.


Suger Coat It 12 Months Aussie Curves ChallengesI hope you’ve enjoyed my little walk down memory lane. There are some killer posts there that I know you’re going to love. I’ve made them easy to click and open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here. Plus there’s that giant very pin-able (don’t you think, hmmm., hint hint) collage with all the looks in the one place! Happy browsing.

Which was your favourite? Are there any there you haven’t seen before? Don’t forget to pop over to the other ladies in the challenge and see what their take on the theme was because just like that, another year of challenges are over. Naaaaw. Sad face.

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