OMG off the runway almost sent me into a crazy spiral of self-doubt. Runway, like I said to the ladies on the Aussie Curves Facebook page, is like declaring that you believe that your outfit is current and trendy and awesome. Runway worthy. And what if you’re wrong!? Awkward. Haha. But then Claire reminded me that I’m a fashion blogger, clearly I’m NOT wrong they are and I had to laugh at that.

So we’re going with THAT.

I opted to create a dinner date outfit using the sheer panelled flocked bodysuit I picked up by ASOS Curve from Curvy Cartel. Sheer is something almost all the folks sending clothes down the runway agree on. And what I wouldn’t have given to be able to pair it was a pleated or full midi-skirt. But alas, I’m working with what I have soooo I think the Bellecurve skirt makes the perfect va-va-voom stand in. Yes?

aussie curves runway sheer plus-size outfit-3 aussie curves runway sheer plus-size outfit-1 aussie curves runway sheer plus-size outfit-7 aussie curves runway sheer plus-size outfit-5

I also opted to pair the nude and black colour theme with more of the same using some old favourite cap-toe shoes and an oversized clutch with gold accents. The gold was important after I changed to the Bellecurve skirt, I think. It ties in the gold zip detail without overpowering the showstopper that is the bodysuit. I meant it’s pretty hard to upstage a sheer bodysuit but it coooooould happen. Haha.

aussie curves runway sheer plus-size outfit-2 aussie curves runway sheer plus-size outfit-8

Sheer flocked bodysuit – ASOS Curve via Curvy Cartel
Skirt – Bellecurve at Target Australia {gifted}
Shoes – Emerson at BigW
Envelope Clutch – via Curvy Cartel 


aussie curves runway sheer plus-size outfit-4

What trends are you adopting from the runway to your wardrobe this season? 

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