FYI – This post contains a gifted item I ended up talking A LOT about. 

Now festival week is something I LOVE the idea of but the truth is the whole festival thing is the furthest distance away from how I’d spend a weekend. I like music. I like art. I like performance. I just don’t get the whole squished in with fifty billion people in the dirt and/or mud thing. The closest I’ve come to this sort of experience is the Music Muster held in Gympie annually and that predominantly as a volunteer.


Festival fashion interests me though. Short shorts, light blouses, sweet dresses and that real boho style with miles of long tanned legs and messy hair. Now messy hair I can do. But the rest? Hmmm, I’m not so sure! When this 17 Sundays longline shirt arrived the week after Muster I thought I’d missed my occasion to wear it. It occurred to me as very festival with the embroidery and chambray look. Of course it would need ankle boots too. Derrr. 

plus size festival outfit aussie curves-3

plus size festival outfit aussie curves-7

plus size festival outfit aussie curves-9

plus size festival outfit aussie curves-1

No really, it’s pretty festival’ish right? I love the colour, the rich blue is awesome but I kinda want it to fade already. Knowing the team at 17 Sundays though it probably won’t. Quality blah blah. Haha. It will probably stay this fabulous, rich blue until I beat the colour out of it or something. I think they might kill me though for distressing their beautiful piece. Promise I won’t tell them if you don’t? Wink wink.

Now what was I saying? Oh yes. I think with the embroidery and all that this would make the perfect shirt dress over leggings {it’s a wee bit short for me as a dress, dress} and I’m even pondering layering it over my red jeans to really make it kick. I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts on it might be, how would you wear it?

plus size festival outfit aussie curves-11

plus size festival outfit aussie curves-4

plus size festival outfit aussie curves-12

plus size festival outfit aussie curves-10

Chambray Tunic – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Midi Skirt {worn as dress} – ASOS Curve
Necklaces – Various 
Booties – Bare Foot Tess


plus size festival outfit aussie curves-2

aussieoutfit-01 disclaimer_aussiecurves11

  • Def with red jeans, I think itΒ΄d look awesome!!

  • That shirt is wonderful! x

    • Thanks L-A. Not something I’d normally pick up but amazing how well it just fits into my wardrobe.

  • Wendygai

    Love it!! Gorgeous as always Melissa x

  • Emma Hinchliff

    Loving this chambray!!!! You’re making me want to purchase my first top or dress!!!!

  • WANT! I love this shirt so much. I think it would look amazing with red jeans and boots. I’m with you when it comes to those big music festivals, give me the Gympie Muster any day! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I think so too! Too bad it’s already too hot here to test my theory. I may die of heat. Haha. And the Muster, well it’s just fab. But then, I’m biased. πŸ˜‰

  • lisarapley

    This shirt is fantastic! I’ve been wanting something like this. Red jeans would be awesome with it. Personally, I would probably just wear it with a pair of leggings, making it an easy comfortable outfit.

    • Thank you Lisa. And yes, the leggings would make it pretty easy to wear ALL the time.

  • Ashley Rose

    Love how you have it styled here! I think the red jeans could work, or tucked into an Aline skirt… But I really love how you have it! x

    • Thank you Ash. And yes! I’ll have to keep my eye out for a plain A line skirt. Apparently I have none that don’t have geo type patterns on them. πŸ˜‰

  • Rad shirt! Looking ready to line up for port-a-loo Shoog! teehee

  • I vote red jeans – or red leggings for comfort!!! But I wouldn’t mind it over the top of cream/white eyelet fabric dress or a smock, with tan cowboy boots. Boho all the way.

    • Oooooo. I think you may be on to something with the dress and boots. I really, really need some cool cowbot boots.

  • flashionaffair

    those booties sure have come in handy for you! look great with this shirt dress!

  • Olivia

    You should totally wear it as a dress! Or with a little mini skirt underneath! x

    • And have my butt hanging in the breeze? No way lady. haha. I’m going to keep my eye out for a mini though in a nude or white… Maybe red.

  • Amara Sullivan

    Love love love this outfit, you always rock the ankle boots, I need to get me a pair! x

    • Thanks Amara! For sure. I’ve worn them to death this year and still reach for them now even though the heat is well and truly here.

  • SpiikerKat

    Love this outfit, you look fab!

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