I can’t really share a full photo of what I’ll be wearing Valentine’s Day here. The whole make sure I’m wearing clothes on the internet personal rule forbids such things. Haha. But I’m okay with that. It’s meant to be a surprise anyway. A little hot pink something something from the City Chic lingerie line has that side of things in the bag. So now what, right?

Last year I wore this for a dinner date with Hubby. The lace skirt and layered heart necklaces was a romantical win. I’m not feeling overly romantic this year {and people who have to look me in the eye after reading this, maybe look away now! Haha} I’m feeling sexy if I’m honest. Recent developments in my relationship have led to all kinds of wonderful things. Lots of them. And so I don’t want cute. I want HOT. Writing that, declaring it and feeling it, well that’s a whole can of worms for some out there I’m sure. And I’m not stopping there.

Lately I’ve been considering sexuality and the messages sent to girls. Don’t want sex, certainly don’t take the lead in such things and whatever you do make sure you keep your man on a short leash in terms of frequency. It’s ridiculous the things we are taught as women about sex and our bodies. It’s a way, I think, of attempting to keep us out of trouble in our teens {or in our ‘place’ perhaps} when decision-making isn’t all that crash hot but the side effects linger.

To be a woman, of whatever age, and feel like you aren’t in charge of your body and sexual experience is dangerous. If not you, who? That’s the real question. I’m a big encourager of teens when it comes to sex. Not that they DO IT but that they be aware, ask the questions they need to and get genuine answers. Sex is an amazing thing and too often it gets minimised into this battle of the sexes.

It is okay to have and enjoy sex. You should trust the person you are having it with to take care of you. There should be open communication. Communication is the only way to lead yourself past the most rudimentary sex. Feel the power and the strength of your body doing what it does and enjoy that. I think that’s important. All of it when it comes to being empowered about sex and the sex life you have.

If you are in a sexual relationship and you feel obligated or disinterested then we need to talk! A-SAP. I know interest in such things peaks and troughs but if it’s ongoing and you’re not being satisfied in your relationship then it’s time to ask some questions. Maybe start with that short list above. You, as a woman of whatever shape, size, age or orientation, are allowed to have, instigate, enjoy and talk about sex. You are. They lied. Big surprise. 

So what was I wearing this Valentine’s Day? Well here’s a little sneak peek but the rest is between me and my hubby. Sorry folks.

Underwear from City Chic

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