Today I’m sharing my favourite places to shop for plus size jeans! From classic, structured denim to fashion-forward, classic and beautifully cut to on-trend fits and styles. There is something here for everyone {sizes 00-30}. For years it was impossible to find well-fitting jeans in plus and curve ranges. I don’t know about you, but my past with jeans has been extensive and at times rocky.


Are you ready to shop? Where to Buy plus size jeans


17 Sundays Denim - Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

17 Sundays {sizes 12 – 26}

This Australian label delivers you sexy, white-hot denim in some of the best colours this season. Heck, any season. Slim-fit pants, ankle crops and zip details. These are young and fun and something I wish was around when I was a size 16 teen looking for clothes that fit the body I had, not the one I was trying to diet and exercise in to. Know someone fun? Tell them about these jeans. The best.


ASOS Curve Denim - Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

ASOS Curve {sizes 2 – 30}

An affordable and easy wear option, the ASOS Curve {and now featuring New Look denim too} jeans make up the majority of my wardrobe. ASOS provides lots of great options in lots of sizes that really fit the fashion denim category. These are the jeans you pick up when you want acid wash, high waist coloured jeans. These are where you pick up the trendsetter jeans. They won’t last you a million years, but they will get you through a season or two and for their price, they’re more than worth it.


Embody Denim - Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

Embody Denim {sizes 6 – 22}

Having not purchased these jeans myself, only working off online reviews these are the jeans you invest in. Classic styles, colours and cuts, these are your investment jeans. Cut beautifully in quality denim all the reviews talk about their quality and weight. The weight of the denim wears in beautifully and holds you tight without strangling you. Check them out if you are looking for THE pair.


Torrid - Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

Torrid Denim {sizes 00 – 30}

Another in the fashion jeans category is the Torrid Denim range. You’ve heard me rave about these beauties and I only have the two pairs. A great fit, lots of options in terms of style and fit and colour, these are worth paying the postage to Australia to get your hands on. The skinny fit ankle zip jeans are my personal favourite, I love the showing of the ankle, there’s just something so HOT about that. And since it’s never really THAT cold here, I can wear them all year round. Try the Torrid jeans if you want range, a great fit and fashion colours/styles.


Good American - Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

Good American {sizes 00 to 26}

Founded by Khloe Kardashian, Good American kicked off their range with jeans and denim and since expanding into loungewear, sweats and even shoes. They’ve recently bought out a basic denim range for $99 a pair giving more entry-level options from this premium brand. Fans rave about the fit and style of these jeans and how well they fit and wear. With new fits coming out regularly, they’re well worth a look for your next piece of denim.


Cotton On - Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

Cotton On Curve {sizes 16 to 24}

Cotton On is a simple, cheerful range of denim that is also available on ASOS and other platforms. I’ve picked up a few items from this range when I wanted more trend pieces or seasonal styles. This doesn’t mean the quality is terrible, it is pretty good. The denim is basic though and doesn’t hold up to some of the premium brands we’ve also featured. But for simple, accessible pieces, they are well worth a look.



That’ the wrap-up, where do you buy your jeans from? What do you look for in a good pair of jeans? Fit, form, function? Let me know below. Coming up next fortnight I’m planning to share some great spots to grab plus size tights. With winter coming up, some great pairs of tights are essential. Either that or I’m going trend spotting with leather. I haven’t decided yet. Do you have a preference?


As far as plus size jeans go, I’ve already had a couple of tips regarding other denim one-stop shops. Let me know where you get your jeans in the comments below because like the wide fitting boots post, this one may need a follow-up.


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Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

Where to buy plus size denim jeans - Suger Coat It

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