I don’t know about you but finding plus size stockings I like, that fit me well and don’t cost the earth is something that is damn near impossible. Yet, owning a great pair of stockings or tights can be such a godsend to a girl’s winter wardrobe. Summer dresses get a winter update, short skirts stay in play for longer and everything just looks that little bit more classy with a pair of sheer stockings.

Soooo it has taken me 3 months to build this post. THREE MONTHS. Not because it’s content heavy or anything but because it took me that long to track down a variety of brands that were well reviewed online. And here they are, from affordable to special occasion, all tried and tested by women online and reviewed positively more often than not. Sure it might still be a little hit and miss, but I’m hoping it improves your odds of a hit. Happy shopping!

Where to Buy plus size stockings and tights WE LOVE COLORS

This brand first burst into my awareness when first Dani then Liv raved about the brand. They were one of the first places to not only sell plus size stockings, leggings or tights but they did it in every colour under the sun, some with patterns, fishnets..! EVERYTHING. A wide, WIDE range of everything hosiery this is a one-stop shop for all things tights and stockings and best of all, quality has been reviewed as REALLY good. Durable and without a lot of that bagginess some tights are prone to. Well worth a look!


Where to Buy plus size stockings and tights city chic

The Aussie Curves ladies are RAVING about the new stockings range at City Chic so of course they HAD to be included. A great range of colours, densities and styles and all have been reported as being GREAT. Some of the ladies are saying that they are the best they’ve ever owned and that their search for plus size stockings, leggings or tights ended when they got their hands on a pair of these babies. High praise indeed! Available to order online and in store, of course. I’m picking up a pair myself tonight after speaking with everyone about them.


Where to Buy plus size stockings and tights asos curve

In previous years, I haven’t noticed a large array of stockings, tights yes, but no stockings. This year, they are knocking our socks off {Was that A PUN!?} with a huge range of not only sheer and opaque stockings but funky suspender look and patterned ones too. Today I checked in with some of the girls and the few who had ordered them {most had no need having stocked up at City Chic, haha} loved them! Especially the taller ladies who reported good length. For my work style stockings I think I’ll be checking these out in the near future.


Where to Buy plus size stockings and tights sonsee

Featuring a range of sizes and a good product range this newly launched range is a must for those looking for high quality made plus size stockings and tights with classic lines and nice wide upper thigh and waist measurements. After checking out the site I was most excited about the fit of the waistband, I mean how many of us spend half our life in stockings dealing with a too tight or rolling down waistband!? Or WORSE, the thigh is so tight you’re doing the whole sausage think. Well, these have been specifically engineered to avoid that. WIN.




And that’s everything! I’m sure there are more brands out there so make sure you let me know if you’ve had a great experience buying plus size stockings, leggings or tights. Next time I’m looking forward to sharing a post about where to buy plus size knits. Everything from dresses to jumpers and back again. After all Aussies {and fellow southern hemisphere friends}, ’tis the season! Right!?