Welcome to the next instalment of the Where to Buy posts ladies. This week it is plus size boots. Wide calf and ankle boots to be exact. It occurred to me earlier this week that it was feeling like the cooler weather might be just around the corner. What better time to talk boots, wide calf and ankle boots available now for the Autumn 2013 season here in Australia, right? Thankfully the brands were on the same page because the new season boots are hitting stores now. Join one with the other and hey presto, a post is born.

autograph wide fit boots autumn 2013

Autograph Fashion

For the past couple of seasons I have picked up at least one, if not two pairs of boots from the Autograph range. The first year there was a black pair and a brown pair and that was pretty much it. Boy how the range has grown since then. Excited news of the new red boots spread like wildfire through the Aussie Curves ladies and if you head online you’ll see the range covers a lot of bases. Sized to a size 12 and priced at around $100 these are a great value boot, especially for their price point.

city chic wide fit boots autumn 2013

City Chic

One of the first times I met Dani from Danimezza.com she was wearing a pair of heeled City Chic boots and I couldn’t help but ask about them. They were a gorgeous fit and she was running around like a mad woman in them, so they must have been comfy enough. A couple of years later, Dani still has those boots and they are still just as fab. A good quality boot will do that for a girl. The City Chic boots have a higher price point but the previous seasons have been worth the money if the reviews are anything to go by. I would love a pair of the wedge suede boot myself. They’re on my list!

duo wide fitting boots autumn 2013

Duo Boots

I was approached by this brand to review their boots for the blog. Having heard some great things online and being a bit of a boot fiend I replied that yes I would, and pointed out a pair I’d love to test drive. Turns out }awkward} they weren’t offering me a pair, they were just requesting a review. I told them I would file the idea away in should I ever need it and thanked them for thinking of this blog. So when doing this post there is no way I could go past them even though I’ve never personally tried them. There’s a HUGE selection of boots that can be ordered in various widths and sizes. Well worth a look, for sure.

ts 14 plus wide fit boots autumn 2013TS 14 Plus

The first pair of boots in the TS14+ range has hit the online store and my expectation is that there will be more to come. Last year TS14+ had some amazing boots. So keep an eye out for more coming soon. Until then, these cute and really on trend ankle boots should get you started. Loving the chunky heel, I bet that makes them SUPER comfortable.

Do you need a wider fitting boot? Where do you buy your boots from?

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  • I have a pair of dark brown Duo boots and they are AMAZING. Still going strong 7 years later. I wore them to work every winter day for the first 4 years because I couldn’t find any alternatives here. I’ve had a few pairs from Ezibuy and like them, though obv not leather, so haven’t lasted as long.
    I’ve been eyeing off CC ones since last year and think this time I’ll buy before they sell out!

    • Good to hear! I’m always a little iffy about including a brand I haven’t tried myself, happy to hear this.

      And YES! I forgot Ezibuy. They make a good fashion type buy.

    • I have a pair of burgundy suede high heeled boots from Duo also. Best time to shop is about now as they head into warmer weather and their winter stock goes on sale. My boots are 6 years old and still excellent.

      • GREAT! Thanks for letting us know Emma. The picking them up on sale now thing is a great idea.

  • Martina Hart

    Last year I bought a pair of leather riding boots from Mysize. I had to have them reheeled with better quality rubber on the heels but once that was done they were my favourite boots of the season. They even made it into my bag for New York being so comfortable for walking. Not sure if they have some this year but worth checking out

    • Will do! Thanks Martina, one of the ladies on the Facebook page suggested MySize the other day and they completely slipped my mind. Glad to hear they’ve been so good to you.

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    I am going to try on the black version of Autographs red boot you’re showing up there to see how it fits BUT I really really really want the wedge suede boot from City Chic but I’m REALLY struggling with the price tag. With HUGE calves, I need a boot that has an elasticated panel and the City Chic one does but *sigh* $250…..

    I ordered some boots from Duo a couple of years ago – gorgeous they were but even though I followed THEIR sizing guide, they were too big and it cost me a BOMB to return them, so that’s something to be aware of, check sizing and triple check it, which I did but still got caught out 🙁


    • I hear you about the price tag. I once bought a pair of Joanne Mercer boots that cost me well over $300. Years later I was still wearing them and by this stage had met Hubby, we were talking about me trying to find another pair and how I hadn’t found any that I liked that would fit and that I didn’t want to spend $300+ on a pair that I didn’t love. He literally did a double take. In that moment I realised maybe that was a little pricey. 😉

      Thanks for the tip with Duo. Like I said, no personal experience so am relying on you guys.

  • I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I have large calves and finding boots that fit comfortably is really hard. Even my new Hunter wellies are tight (beware of that brand fellow large/gorgeously shaped calve ladies). Thanks Suger … Great post been looking online all weekend at boots but then sulking about the lack of wider calf fit.

    • I’ve always had big calves. I blame my Father’s side and their Viking heritage. Haha. Nothing to be embarrassed about there. Enjoy looking around, there’s more variety out there at the moment then you would think. Try the panelled ones and the likes of Duo that you can order your calf width.

  • Gah I am craving a pair of ankle boots this winter but my bad feet mean I have to find some that are either ortho-friendly or fit some orthotic inserts. Will be checking out the Autograph ones for sure!

    • Happy shopping. I picked up my first pair of ankle boots last year and love, love them. A great investment. Go find yourself a pair, you’ll love them.

  • abearmadethis

    I’ve got 3 pairs from Bennetts boots http://www.bennettsboots.com/ they may be on the pricey side but I’m happy to pay for quality and good fit. I tried on a red pair from Autograph but while they fit my calves I found them to be too large in the ankle. I’m fussy about the fit of my boots 🙂

    I also bought a pair a few years ago from Boots for Broads http://www.bootsforbroads.com/ and they fit like a glove (made to measure). Be warned though I did have to replace the inner soles and the outer soles needed replacing after only a few wares, but aside from that these boots are still going strong and are the best fit!

    • Thank you for this! Some more great places we can check out. Gorgeous ranges!

      I know what you mean about the Autograph ones, my first ones I just dealt with it I was so happy to have any option. Then the end of last year I picked up a pair of the ones with the buckle at the top, which meant I could size down for the ankle fit and loosen the buckle off. Win!

  • I have big feet (as well as big calves) so used to go to a Brissy store (in Hawthorne near where I lived) called The Shoe Garden. Their shoes START at size 10! http://www.shoegarden.com.au/ And the owner has a Facebook page on which she shares stuff that comes in.

  • abearmadethis

    Hmmm reading back over my comment I think I’ve been a little harsh on Boots for Broads…My BFB boots are seriously the best fitting boots I ever owned and not a piece of elastic in sight! for more reviews check out http://frocksandfroufrou.com/2012/05/mayde-brief-boots/ and http://frocksandfroufrou.com/2009/07/have-little-heart/ and http://frocksandfroufrou.com/2008/11/little-red-riding-boots/
    Phew…now I feel better 🙂

    • Haha. No problem. Thanks for the links, can’t wait to check them out. LOVE Frocks and Frou Frou!

  • Ezibuy for sure! I have 2 pairs from them and they are great. They have a huge range this season and have a good range in price.

    • I literally did the whole face palm thing when someone said Ezibuy, I can’t believe I forgot them. I’m thinking I need to edit to add them in.

  • I bought a pair of CC boots I think it was the first year they did them (2009?) and they were shocking, and started falling apart within a few weeks of wear. Am sure they’ve improved since then, but the $300 price tag made me too cautious to go back.

    I’m now on year 2 with a pair of black, flat knee-highs, I got from Diana Ferrari flat, which was part of a special range for those of us with larger calves. They are brilliant and still going strong in spite of constant wear.

    • Oh great! Thanks Rebecca. I used to wear DF boots back in my early twenties but hadn’t found any in years that worked for me. From now on I’ll check for what they have just in case!

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  • Emma

    I recently, inspired after this post, purchased a pair from Autograph. Their flat riding boot (pictured in red above) is amazing! It fits! And I bought them on sale – down from $$99.95 to $59.95. I would highly recommend these boots to anyone who asked (and even those who didn’t). The only thing to be careful of is sizing, they are made LARGE and I, even with the widest, fattest feet in all the land went down from an 8 to a 7.
    Still, best winter purchase. Ever. Thanks again, Suger!

    • This is SO great! Thanks for sharing your success Emma. I pick up a new pair of Autograph boots every season and haven’t had a pair let me down yet. I’m just throwing out my first pair now, they have been my mud/outdoor version for the past 6 months. Haha.

  • Cara

    http://www.bennettsboots.com is fantatic. Very high quality leather boots, with a beautiful breathable furry lining. Boots come in up to 4 different calf widths for each foot size, so you can find something that fits you the way you want it to.

    • Awesome! Thanks for this, I had shortlisted Bennetts for the follow up post to this one. This comment made them a definite.

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  • Misty

    Onestopplus.com has inexpensive wide calf boots. I love mine from there. International shipping would be the bad thing for most people.

  • Cat

    I can highly recommend wide calf boots from JessicaLondon.com. (I bought the Jackie style) Not everything on there is great, but the boots I bought were gorgeous, and I got a 40% off coupon when I joined their mailing list, and I think they cost about $35 to ship to Australia which is more than reasonable for boots. Have worn them every day and they haven’t changed or sagged, don’t show any signs to wear except for the little heel rubber bits and they are so so comfortable!!

    • Thank you Cat! I’m sure this will come in really handy for the ladies searching. Much appreciated.

  • Jodie

    I haven’t tried them, but the ladies at bootsforbroads.com tailor-make boots to all sizes, and are reasonably priced. They’re based in Canberra but you order online.

    • Thanks Jodie! I heard so many great things I put Boots for Broads in my second post about boots. How could I not!? Right?

  • This is such a nice collection! I love the black low ankle ones from Duo 😀 Do you know where I can find the prices? I usually buy from Naturalizer or Comfortview, they have pretty good boots for wide calves (like mine lol). I recently got some kick-ass biker boots from them that I’m loving!

    Really stylish blog, will be following your posts 🙂


    • Hi Maria, thank you! During the Australian winter it was SUCH a common search for the ladies that I had to put something together. It served us all well, I think. Lots of great boots purchases and loads of awesome outfits. Enjoy your biker boots, they sound fab!

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  • Dusky Maiden

    Duo is not good. I have ordered several boots and had to send them all back bar one. Plus on this end with my last pair I paid an extra 160 on customs, sent them back, and lost $200 on customs and postage which is not being refund. Buyer beware the sizing is not consistent and you can buy just as good locally.

  • Bec

    I know this is old but I still feel like I have to add Frankie4 boots 🙂 X