I’m all about the stripes. Danielle asked on her blog Facebook page yesterday are you into florals or stripes. Me? I’m Team Stripes all the way baby. Aaaaaand I’m all about helping. So today I bring you How to wear stripes like a boss. Because stripes, that’s why. And if you NEED another, it’s because life is too short to not be awesome. Join the cool kids.

Go Team Stripes!

Last night Melissa complimented me on my Instagram outfit yesterday and said she wouldn’t be brave enough, I told her wearing them comes down to TWO simple things. But for the sake of padding, this post out with useless fluff in order to call it a POST, let’s expand on that and say there are FIVE things to do if you want to rock those stripes you are wearing whether they are horizontal, vertical, chevroned all over the place or whatever.



Wear great, well-fitting underwear! 

No really. Buy some underwear {not shape-wear, your aim here is to breathe} that fits you well, gives you a smooth line and compliments your figure. If you’ve chosen well most people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing it. Win for mystery sake. AND the smooth line of well-fitting underwear won’t mess up the line of the stripes. Double win. The stripes will skim on over your body and look all kinds of awesome while you kick back feeling relaxed because you can breathe. HA.


Buy the size that fits WELL.

Yes. I’m all about the fit. I don’t care if you have to go up three sizes from your normal. Get that dress, skirt or t-shirt fitting you like a dress. Skimming and shaping your bod without grabbing and gaping. Stripes are unforgiving in their showing off where an item doesn’t fit properly. I know that even MY FAVOURITE 17 Sundays stripe bodycon will grab me across the stomach if I’ve added a few kilos. So buy the one that fits {most of the time! Haha}.


Start small and work up to it! 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and I sure as heck didn’t start my obsession with a stripe bodycon skirt. Heck no. I wore a t-shirt here or there. I built my match fitness for breaking the rules. I loved stripes, I always have, but I just felt like maybe they were something best left to people skinnier, shorter or requiring more attention. But stripes are a gateway pattern let me tell you, next thing you know you’ll be wearing them with floral or geometric prints and print clashing or something. You rebel. You’ve been warned.


Find a style that you love!

Stripes come in all sorts of sizes, colours and forms. Lots of people have lots of advice about which size suits which body, which direction and how they should be cut. But you know what, when it comes down to it you’re not going to know if you it works for you until you put it on the body you have now and take a long hard look at it. So if you love the t-shirt and that skinny stripe is your favourite, go for it! If you love mismatched stripes like this beauty of a dress, then that’s the one for you. It’s an expression of your style after all. Don’t get caught up in the shoulds.


Just do it anyway.

Even if you ignore every bit of advice I’ve shared. Goodness knows I have in the past. If you want to wear those stripes, wear them. If there’s a killer stripe pencil skirt you’ve been eyeing off and you desperately want to try it… Do it. Why wait. Life’s too short, right? So pluck up that courage {seriously, it’s not like anyone is going to die if you wear them, promise} and go for it. Confidence is key here. If you are rocking those stripes, then you’ve got the like a boss memo. Mission accomplished.

And that my friends are my top 5 tips for wearing stripes like a BOSS. You’re welcome. Did I miss any? 


And if you are STILL not convinced by ALL my awesome Suger based evidence, ideas and suggestions read this post titled “Are horizontal stripes REALLY making you look fat?” and I think you might just get the shove you need to get out there and shake your stripe covered butt. I’m talking to YOU, Melissa. Don’t make me come down there. Haha.  Suger, over and out. 

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