It continues to be stripes week and I couldn’t possibly leave you all with only ONE stripe outfit. In fact I have three planned. The final one has Crocs in it. Stop laughing, it does! But more on that later in the week, let’s talk this outfit. This pencil skirt and I have come a long way baby. I’ve owned it for AGES now, I’ve unpicked an annoying rollover waistband and the back split has been resewn twice. It’s a keeper, what can I say? I love it.

Tuck in a singlet, add some colour pops in a matchy matchy shade and you are pretty much done. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take some photos in dappled light that leaves them looking dark in one section and too bright in another. That’s essential. Haha. All in all this is a go to look. Sometimes shirt out, sometimes in, either way I love my stripie goodness.

plus size stripes outfit summer-4 plus size stripes outfit summer-3 plus size stripes outfit summer-8

Do you remember what colour you wore in your primary school uniform? I do. Mine was royal blue and sunshine yellow. Basically the colours I’ve used here as accessoires. Every time I wear them together I smile as I remember. I loved growing up in a small town between Gympie and Noosa. I loved being on a farm, my small school, the lifelong friendships I made at that school. I love how colour can do that. Evoke a memory like that.

plus size stripes outfit summer-2 plus size stripes outfit summer-9 plus size stripes outfit summer-6 plus size stripes outfit summer-1

Singlet – Kmart
Necklace – TS 14+{last year}
Skirt – Virtu  {last year}
Shoes – Target {gifted}
Bag – Kmart


plus size stripes outfit summer-7

Stripes week, now we are talking. One more post to come on Friday!


  • Cal

    (psst I think you have a typo in your second paragraph!)

    My primary school uniform was a blue and white checked dress in summer (with white buttons up the front and a big collar) and a maroon tunic over a white shirt in winter. The winter one was fine but I loved my summer uniform – I hated when I had to go to high school and wear their stupid green plaid dress.

    • Got it! Thanks for that. Haha.

      Yes! My high school uniform was this really easy to wear, light blue and white checked dress. After my first year they changed the uniform to a heavy full skirt and waist band blouse thing. Horrid. And SO HOT. We melted. I spent half my summer with my skirt rolled up and tucked in my knickers. 😉


    you are sooo foxy. And your skin is glowing.

  • Man this outfit is ace. That necklace is giving me a case of the green eyed monster. TS14+ who knew?!
    My primary school sports uniform was red and black, like little redback spiders we were 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah, it’s one of my favourite combinations. This skirt and anything. Haha.

  • Sarah

    My primary school uniform was a yellow polo shirt and green shorts, with a green jumper and trackies in winter haha. Girls also had a choice of wearing this green and white checked dress, which I did! Haha.

    Such a late comment, I’m so behind on my blog reading!

    • The competing school across the river in my town wore green and gold. I think that basically makes you me and mortal enemies. 😉

      And don’t worry about THAT! I always appreciate you visits. x

      • Sarah

        I completely agree, I think a duel is in order. Haha, kidding! But I remember in primary school the rival school down the road sure felt like mortal enemies to us.

        And I love visiting!

        • And it really did feel like they were mortal enemies. That was the best bit. haha. Manay a romeo and juliet’esque romance began in just that way I’m sure. Well, you know, the primary school on the bus version. Haha.

          I’m glad. Thanks hun.

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