I think festive cheer is catching up with me. First of all I don’t remember this skirt being this short… And that can only mean ONE thing, it has more surface area to cover. Haha. Tis the season and all that but sheesh Suger, rein it in. Now, what was I talking about? Ahh yes. Outfits. Old favourites and new. That’s the plan anyway. Onwards!

Stripes are an old favourite of mine, so is this cropped denim jacket and so are the shoes. All well-worn, well-loved favourites. This skirt, the simple jersey skater from ASOS is great with tights in winter and fun and flippy in summer. Can’t beat that. I just never really got on board with skater skirts. No idea why, it just happens that way sometimes I guess.

Are you a skater skirt fan?

I wonder if you need to pick sides when it comes to skirts. Are you team skater or team pencil skirt and there’s no middle ground. Like a skirt turf war. Probably not. But I sure as heck always reach for the pencil skirt before the skater. Literally nine times out of ten I’d go pencil skirt. Funny how that happens. I’m trying to vary things up a little. Variety is the spice of life after all.

plus size stripe -1 plus size stripe -4 plus size stripe -7

I mean come ON, if this outfit doesn’t scream cruisey afternoon casual then I don’t know what does. Fun, flirty and cute. Easy to wear thanks to all the stretch fabrics and pretty much non-crushable. Always a win for me. If you are looking for simple summer outfits, this sort of thing is great. Light and easy layers, lots of skin and just a pinch of cheeky fun. Especially true if your skirt is as short as mine turned out to be. Cheeky indeed. Butt cheeky. HA!

plus size stripe -2 plus size stripe -5 plus size stripe -8 plus size stripe -3

Bodycon Dress {worn as top} – 17 Sundays
Denim Jacket – Autograph {2010’ish}
Skater Skirt – ASOS Curve
Necklace – Uberkate {gifted} – On own chain
Shoes – Target {2012 – and looking it. Ha!}



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  • I’ve been on instagram for too long– I just tried to <3 this.

    I do heart this. I do. The coral flats and the legs that go on for miles and the flippy skirt. So so cute!

    • OMG, yes!! I do that on Twitter all the time! Bloody no LIKE function. And I’m confused, is the star for favourites the equivalent or is that to save for later? Who knows!!? Haha.

      Anyways, thank you muchly. x

  • I am most definitely team skater skirt, pencils skirts look terrible on me!! 🙂 xx

    • Really!? I though pencil skirts worked on everyone. Tell me more!

      • I think its because my bottom half is smaller than the top, and I dont really have much of a butt so it they just sit kinda funny on me and don’t look right at all.

  • Kylie Miller

    I have that exact same skirt but found when sitting down all day it kept riding up!

    • I sized up in this skirt and that helps, I think. It did roll up a little at the waistband without a belt. I normally wear a belt and hadn’t really noticed. Annoying.

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    I pick both teams. I don’t have any skater skirts but I have a couple of skater dresses and a couple of pencil skirts. I just like them both equally.

    • Fence sitting. I LIKE IT! Haha. I agree. I like them both, my default has always been the pencil skirt though.

  • Amy

    I LOVE this outfit.

  • Nadine

    I love the cropped denim jacket. Love.
    I had two of them – now neither fits me. Not Love.